Saturday, June 16, 2018

Squeeze Inn: It's Fun and Oh So Good

Welcome to the Squeeze Inn, a family owned restaurant located in the small town of Clark Fork, Idaho. 

This restaurant offers a unique dining experience full of culture, color and delicious food. The family that has been running this place for 19 years has put their heart and soul into it.
Janet is often referred to as mom and is the owner. She cooks, but mainly she will come in to have a glass of wine at your table and tell stories. 

Her daughter Taneesha is the main chef and you'll see her art scattered around the building and outside.
The menu at The Squeeze Inn isn't what you'd expect to find in a small mountain town. They cook everything from homemade ravioli to italian inspired tacos and lamb shanks.
The Squeeze Inn is an experience you don't want to miss!

Bill and I have driven past the Squeeze Inn on HWY 200 in Clark Fork many a time in the past several years.  

We've thought silently and at times out loud that sometime, we needed to give the restaurant a try. 

Last week, when it occurred to me that our anniversary would give us a good excuse to go on a dining adventure, I suggested the Squeeze Inn.

Well, now we can say we've been there, done that AND that we loved the experience from start to finish. 

It's a funky place with a lot of funky outdoor art, most of it metal creations, accented by colorful flower pots and planters.  

Our experience last night, which included the Young Loves, involved everything from a delicious 5-course dinner (every single bite of every single course was divine-----fresh bread, garlic tomato soup, garden salad, individual entrees, including Louisiana plate, Tuscan pasta and homemade ravioli stuffed with spinach).

We saw old friends, including one of my classmates Sharon Clark and we met a trio of new friends visiting the area from Lawrence, Kans., more specifically Shawnee Mission.

And, yes, my friend Mow's name came up, and if she'll look at the video in a text message on her phone she'll see one of the ladies belting out the Jay Hawk fight song, with another doing a rather nice photo bomb in a large kitchen door peep hole. 

Janet and Kathy both went to high school in Shawnee Mission Northwest and Shawnee Mission West, respectively. 
Janet's brother Keith Harmison graduated from Shawnee Mission North in 1964. 

Their friend Maggie, a self-proclaimed good Catholic girl, attended a Benedictine High School.   They love their Jay Hawks, and I had to do a little instruction on just who the ZAGS are. 

We also had fun visiting with our servers, including one young lady going into the fifth grade who's learning to wait tables and earning money to go to Paris. 

Our chef Taneesha came out for a visit and shared a little family history, which includes the fact that many of the dishes come from generations of Italian cooking. 

Taneesha also told us that the place rocks a bit more on Saturday night when musicians come to perform, including a harmonica player and a guitarist. 

Our meal was topped off with a dessert combo of pear pie alamode, pine nut cookies, along with samples of coconut and mango ice cream. 

The Squeeze Inn turned out to be everything we imagined it to be and had heard it would be:  relaxing, filling and loads of fun. 

I kinda like to think of our Squeeze Inn adventures as a classic Anthony Bourdain experience. 

We'll be back.  BTW:  in the summer months, it's probably a good idea to make reservations in advance. 

I have a feeling Bill and I will always remember our 44th anniversary with great fondness, thanks to the folks we met at the Squeeze Inn.

Happy Saturday to all. 

Friday, June 15, 2018

44 Years /Life Is Good at the LOVEstead

Bill and I exchanged cards this morning, marking our 44th wedding anniversary.  He talked about this being a pretty day, just like June 15, 1974, but not as hot

In my card to him, I wrote, "Let's keep this thing going."

Not a lot of mushy gushy or Lovey Dovey stuff in this relationship, but I do believe there's a better and a deeper love, which manifests itself in many, many ways pretty much every day. 

When my teaching colleague Ray Holt said, a few years back during a retirement speech in my behalf, ". . . and she married the nicest man in Sandpoint," I nodded in agreement.  

Now, granted, there may be a few other local wives who would say the same about their husbands------I hope so.

Love at the Lovestead does include some spats.  

For example, he doesn't always pick up his ice cream wrappers from the couch.  In fact, just yesterday, Liam found a wrapper on the couch and was soon ripping it into little Liam pieces.   

I'm not exactly easy for Bill to tolerate whenever I'm in a funk, but for 44 years we've risen from the low moments and have had an infinite number of great times enjoying each other's company in the environments we love. 

We've been blessed by great kids, some pretty neat dogs, several cool cats and a horse or two.  Not so sure Bill counts the latter as a blessing.  

We also have good asparagus!

And, we've marched on through four-plus decades, collaborating, supporting, respecting, laughing, communicating and even stumbling briefly in life's potholes but always moving on. 

We live in a beautiful place (home and community), and we have enjoyed a multitude of blessings pretty much every day.  

At this time on this 44th anniversary, I'm quite happy to say that the State of the Lovestead is mighty fine, thank you. 

Happy Anniversary to Bill, and Happy Anniversary to all who are celebrating their wedding anniversaries during this month.  I know there are a few June brides out there.  

Happy Friday to all.  

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Return to Trail Creek

It was only a couple of weeks ago that Bill and I drove up the Trail Creek Road near Naples and went for a hike. 

Yesterday, I returned again with my sister Barbara. I was pretty sure she had never been up that road, so I figured she'd enjoy the opportunity to put her camera to work in a new setting. 

It's apparent from looking at the photos on her Facebook page that she certainly did enjoy our drive, which was interrupted with several stops for taking pictures. 

Barbara has several lovely close-up shots of roadside wildflowers and shrubs and cold, clear water flowing over shiny boulders and moss in Trail Creek.  

The road also offers a few spectacular views of the Selkirk Mountains, including Roman Nose and Chimney Rock, which are always easy to recognize from pretty much any perspective or distance. 

Another prominent feature along the road is the series of beaver ponds with old snags, submerged logs and a variety of fauna.  

One of these days we even may drive along that area to see a moose, but so far, all I recall are a pair of mallard ducks which Bill and I saw a couple of weeks ago. 

Whenever my sisters and I go on photo outings, we usually do our best to shoot different perspectives of the surroundings, especially because we have different lenses with different capabilities.

For me, it's an additional treat to see what others are seeing through their eyes and camera lenses any time we spend some time in the great outdoors and back country.  

Plus, it's fun to be with folks experiencing an area for the very first time. 

We drove yesterday to a large opening equipped with sturdy metal horse corrals, a spotless outdoor privy and a sign warning visitors that this is bear country, along with other guidance regarding fishing, etc. 

Yesterday I walked down a pathway and discovered for the first time that the place has at least three nicely developed camping sights, probably used most often by horseback riders passing through the area or using the site as a base camp for taking a different trail each day. 

Our drive took only a couple of hours, but, as always it was an enjoyable experience which reaped a variety of images to show off and to help us remember a nice afternoon experience. 

Happy Flag Day.  Happy Birthday to my brother Mike and my dear friend Pat AND Happy Thursday to all.