Sunday, November 18, 2018

Saturday "Seens"

Our Subaru had a busy day yesterday.  Twas good gas has dipped below $3 a gallon cuz that green car of ours went on four different missions yesterday. 

First, it took us to Bonners Ferry for the annual Mennonite Craft Show. 

While we were returning to Sandpoint, my i-phone suddenly went rogue on me, which meant constant unsuccessful attempts to solve the problem.

Apparently, the phone was in the process of upgrading to a new operating system, and now it makes me type in username and passwords every time I go into any of my accounts.

I tinkered with it for a while at home and thought I'd solved the situation, only to discover it misbehaving again. 

So, I drove over to Woods' to pick up a couple sacks of whole oats for our growing CB and then on to Ponderay to the AT and T store in hopes of some help with the phone. 

The clerk told me the phone had been trying to update but could not if it wasn't on wi-fi.  

So, he started the update, and about 45 minutes later, I walked out of the store with an update BUT the same problem with the phone not remembering username and passwords. 

Any ideas from my nerd friends on how to fix that? 

After finishing a few projects at home, Bill and I again climbed in the car and headed to the high school for the girls' basketball game.  

Willie's young team put up a good effort against Post Falls, which is a powerhouse in girls basketball. 

As the paper noted this morning, Bulldog turnovers and some dry spells with shooting gave the Trojans the advantage.   

After the game, we headed back home again to do chores, change clothes and drive back to town for the always-fun IFM holiday party.

Twas a long but fun day, and today hopefully will be a bit more relaxing as we look ahead to the holiday week. 

Happy Sunday. Enjoy the photos.  

SHS head cheerleader River Feuling. 

Great to see Miss Duna from Catalonia yesterday. 

First score in Willie's first game as a head coach. 

Lots of selling mixed with lots of visiting. 

Andy was definitely focused on watching some roundball. 

We could not resist the cheese table. . . 

. . . nor the pecan pie and cinnamon rolls.  YUM!

The fresh donuts with coffee were mighty good too!

Coach Love offering some advice. 

Another shopper and I agreed that if you could get all three of the above for six bucks, it would be a  pretty good deal. 

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Country School Parade, Et. Al.

Our travel trailer came home yesterday. 

When Bill headed to Lake RV to bring the trailer home from being winterized, he called just after leaving.

"There's something going on at Selle Valley Carden School," he said. "Lots of cars and lots of people outside."

That's all the info. I needed.  

I grabbed my camera and jumped in the car, bound for the little country school just a mile or so away down Selle Road.

I'm sure I've mentioned before that pretty much anything connected with that school is a treat for me, especially its students.

This time, they had invited their families to watch a parade of lawnmowers, wagons, wheel barrows and even baby buggies, used as display transports and pulled or pushed by kids all decked out in theme costumes. 

Twas a parade of states with commentary on historical highlights, setting each state apart from the other 49.

When I arrived toward the end of the program, the moderator was calling out "Virginia." 

As the crowd watched and listened, the student who had researched Virginia pulled his display on a wagon around the circle of state displays. 

Afterward, I had time to talk with "Elvis" with Mississippi roots and Lena, who told me about Arkansas where Wal-Mart began.  

Ironically, just an hour before, I'd received a piece of mail from Arkansas and Wal-Mart, telling me some information about their pharmaceutical services. 

I also enjoyed a nice visit with Colton, whom I know through Gold n' Grouse 4-H Club.  Colton quizzed me on names.

"What's my dad's first name?" he asked.

"Jason," answered, feeling confident cuz Jason was a student in the last high school English class I ever taught.

"What's my dad's last name?" Colton asked.

"Cates," I said, feeling even more confident.

What's my dad's middle name?" Colton asked.

Stumped, for some odd reason, I did not know Jason's middle name.  Stumped!

I think I remember correctly that Jason's middle name is "Christian."  

And, if that's right, I probably won't forget.  Maybe next time I'll ask Colton, "What's my middle name?"

Anyway, as always, visiting the Selle Valley Carden School, left me with some great memories of country school education in action. 

The Wood sisters and their staff do a wonderful job, educating those young people inside and out. 

By the way, Stacey's sister Melissa told me they'll be at the Christmas Craft sale at the fairgrounds this weekend, selling their hand-crafted Christmas greenery and signs, with profits benefitting school activities.  

Bill and I are starting the day in Bonners Ferry, making our annual pilgrimage to another country school, where  the sale of crafts and baked goods will also benefit projects at the Mennonite school activities. 

It's always a fun time, especially watching the production of apple butter in the big kettle and, of course, purchasing a bag of kettle corn.  

Then, we'll spend some time at home before heading to Sandpoint High School to watch Willie's debut as a head coach.  The Bulldogs will face off against the Post Falls Trojans. 

I have also included some photos taken around our yard yesterday.  It was once again a gorgeous day for enjoying the out of doors, and, after last Saturday's sad times, we are so thankful that our Kiwi is back to doing exactly what Kiwi loves to do.

She has bounced back nearly 100 percent, and we are so relieved.  

GO, Bulldogs!  GO, Kiwi.  Happy Saturday. 

Stacey Rief

Mennonite Craft Sale today at the Mennonite School just off from Three Mile Junction north of Bonners Ferry.  Good eats.  Get there early!

And, at the Lovestead . . . happy dogs

Friday, November 16, 2018

Foggy Friday

Mighty foggy here in Selle this morning.

That's probably good news.  When and if it lifts, we'll have a sunny day.  

I could see hints of blue sky and potential sun when I did my chores this morning. 

With yesterday pretty gloomy (but nice) all day long, some bright skies will be welcome. 

I'm still feeling very grateful to Mother Nature for providing us this extension to fall or maybe more accurately, delay to winter.  

Every year in November, my mind rationalizes that every day we don't have snow means we're that much closer to spring.  

Of course, my mind would also like to see that happen in December, January and February too. For some reason, it never quite works out that way. 

On this foggy morning, after chores, I read a story in the local paper which tells me we are in for a treat with the Daily Bee's new sports editor Kyle Cajero.

The subject matter was good. It was about our son Willie and his varsity girls basketball team, which has its season opener tomorrow at Sandpoint High's Les Rogers Gym.  

Tip-off is scheduled for 3 p.m.

So, of course, I would like Kyle's story about Willie----kinda neat cuz it involves a sportswriter writing about a sportswriter turned coach. 

Before returning to Sandpoint and his alma mater as a teacher, Willie spent a few years covering high school sports in the Boise area while working for the Idaho Press Tribune.

Any mom would love stories about her kids, but, in this case, I also read Kyle's story as a journalism teacher/writer.

The young man is good.  I made that assessment within the first few paragraphs of this morning's feature, which begins by describing what Coach Love sees as a problem in the gym.

Not enough noise, even though music was playing---that's what was bothering Willie the day Kyle paid a visit to a practice.  

The noise, Willie wanted to hear was chatter and communication among the team. 

He called it "community," and we learn, as the story moves on that a sense of community on the court is essential for a successful team. 

As I continued to read the beginning of the story aloud to Bill, I also noted that Kyle knows how to use the language not only precisely but also correctly.  

His knowledge of punctuation and grammar shine, and he demonstrates a distinct style which lends itself to providing clear sports images in the reader's mind. 

We learned earlier this month that Kyle, who replaces longtime Bee sports editor Eric Plummer, graduated from Pepperdine University where he received a degree in creative writing. 

I googled Kyle to find more information and found the following description: 

 The latest Tweets from Kyle Cajero (@cylekajero). West Coast Bot for @mid_madness and onetime @peppgraphic (sports) goofball.

Knowing my son, a lifelong sports junkie, I have a feeling a new and fun friendship, influenced by sports and journalism, has begun. 

Welcome to Sandpoint, Kyle.  

Looking forward to meeting you, and, of course, looking forward to your reporting as you chronicle this upcoming season for Coach Love and his SHS Bulldog girls basketball squad. 

Great job on the story, which should be available on line sometime this morning. 

Happy Friday.  The fog is lifting!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

When You're Young at Heart

First announcement that has nothing to do with what ya see up above:  tune in to 88.5 FM, KRFY at 8 a.m. PST.  If you're not a local and know how to get the station online, give it a listen. 

New girls varsity coach Will Love will be talking basketball and about his first-ever season as a head coach at Sandpoint High. I'm told he'll have some players with him too. 

Since we're on the subject of sports, it's a big sports day for us in the Pacific Northwest.  Seattle plays Green Bay on Thursday Night NFL football.

At 8:30 p.m. PST on ESPN2, the ZAGS take on Texas A and M's Aggies at the McCarthey Athletic Complex aka the Kennel. 

GO, ZAGS!  GO, Seahawks, but if Green Bay wins, that's okay too.  We Sandpoint folks like either team. 

In the "Young at Heart" department, while looking out the upstairs bathroom window yesterday morning,  I spotted Little CB, who's becoming much bigger CB, having the time of his life.  

My camera was nearby so I took a batch of photos through the window---totally candid, cuz CB had no idea anyone was watching, least of all his horse buddies, who seemed to be in an eating zone all their own. 

It was a fun pasture performance, continuing for about five minutes. 

Also, young at heart, but because she's a year older today, I'm sending best wishes to my niece Maureen who's celebrating her ??? birthday.  

Let's just say that next year it's a half century.  Where does the time go? 

I seem to be saying that a lot lately. Nonetheless, I choose to follow CB's and Maureen's example of trying to remain young at heart.

Well, maybe I won't do some of the antics seen in the photos, but I'll do my best to stay off the couch.

Happy Thursday.  Tune in and listen to Coach Love if you can.   

All done!

This photo:  because it's Throwback Thursday, and I've mentioned two out of the three of these young-at-hearts, which include a not-so-happy young Will Love and his cousins Maureen and Laura.

Definitely not "a good time was had by all" for whatever reason.