Monday, February 18, 2019

San Diego, Day Three

Good bye, Grass.  Hello, Snow.

Once again, we're up at the crack of dawn and headed to the airport. 

This time, we'll be heading back to Sandpoint and all that snow and work which we left behind last Wednesday.

Annie's generous gift of airline tickets so we could take a break from winter turned out to be an effective elixir.

New sights and sounds and people---all did their part in refreshing our spirits and providing us with enough positive  and unique distractions that our minds are now filled to the brim with new memories to sustain us as we tackle the fun and games and frustrations of winter.

Walking on bare ground, soaking up sunshine and seeing new places and faces----it's definitely good for the soul and especially for the attitude.

Truly a gift in many ways!

Our Sunday in the San Diego area proved to be comparatively laid-back and open-ended.  

After a leisurely breakfast at Goodies, we visited monuments, a national cemetery and national park, walked the ocean shore and enjoyed fish and chips at the end of a pier in Imperial Beach.  

We also had a nice visit with a couple of Santiago, Chile AND we met Sheba, the Border Collie.  She's a Michigan Border Collie accompanying her folks on a road trip.  

Any Border Collie sighting adds frosting to the cake for us while traveling.  

After our day of moseying here and there along the California coast, the rain came, the wind blew and temperatures dipped enough to prepare us for going back to the teens and 20s. 

It's been a great weekend.  We are thankful for the opportunity and, of course, excited to get home to the beloveds---not the snow. 

Thanks to Annie for her generosity and Elisabeth for her TLC with our animals. 

Thanks also to all who enjoyed the photos.  Here's another batch from Sunday travels.  No particular order.

Happy Monday.  Idaho, here we come! 

Sunday, February 17, 2019

California Streaming . . . .A Very Good Day Indeed!

It was visual overload, and it was good.

Zags won and could be ranked No. 2 now.

We met lots of neat people.

We saw seals and pelicans and squirrels.

We saw lots of people.

We found a parking spot in La Jolla's seal cove.

I did not get my face lifted, but had ample opportunity.

We saw how the other half lives.

I found duck tape not too far from the border, upscale duck tape at that.

We saw fan devotion at its best, especially the folks who came down from Fairbanks, Alaska, to see the ZAGS and the two delightful young ladies from Tokyo who came to see Rui and the ZAGS.

Bill talked to some ZAGS players and coaches.

We saw maternal love on the beach.

We watched pelicans primp themselves.

We saw folks from Sandpoint and folks from Bonners Ferry.

And, since my friend and blog editor Helen is wondering if something's wrong down here in San Diego, I'm just gonna post and say that yesterday was a very good day.

Happy Sunday.  Enjoy your day and the photos.