Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday Twitterdeedum

Back at my upstairs perch for blogging hour.  It's always a good feeling to sit down in this setting after being away for a while.  

My laptop goes with me on our travels, and blogging during traveling time varies.  Plus, it's usually rushed because we're almost always on the move and headed somewhere.

Yesterday at the Silver Cloud Inn near Lake Union, heading somewhere meant leaving Seattle and trying to get home at a decent time for the doggies to be let out of their run.

We had a pleasant trip home, listening to Irish music and doing some silent reminiscing of our Ireland trip from Ellensburg to Ritzville.  That was a nice way to cross the Washington vast open spaces. 

When we pulled into Love's, Bill noted the highway to Washtucna, which brought up a fond memory of a busy and fun weekend. 

If those pups hadn't been on our minds, we probably would have taken another side trip down that way and enjoyed lunch there.  

Does Washtucna have a restaurant?

We settled for DICK's in Spokane where Bill bought his usual fish and chips and handed me a delicious chocolate milkshake.  Love those milkshakes, and this one did not disappoint.

Anywho . . . .life returns to normal. Bill has headed off to Elk, Wash., to work for the day, and I'll be spending time inside doing some editing and outside, puttering with general garden and yard cleanup.

Annie will be coming home for a visit this weekend.  AND, this Saturday, there's a reception at my sisters' home for Lauri and Mani and all their winnings from last week's Arabian Sport Horse Nationals.  

I think Mani will definitely go into the family history books as one of the more successful horses among many (no pun intended), with three National Championships, one reserve and close to half a dozen Top Tens.  

Toby I and our dad started this generational trend more than 60 years ago at the first-ever National Appaloosa Show in Lewiston, Idaho.  

I have a feeling that striving for excellence and reaching for the stars while riding and showing horses will continue, knowing my sisters and their horsemanship skills and passions.

In other news, Bill remarked last night that it felt odd not watching the Mariners games.  

I remarked yesterday that it's time to start thinking about ZAGS.  

Don't worry . . . I won't mention them too often, but they definitely ARE our home's next athletic addiction.  Of course, Annie will remind us that the Seattle Sounders are having a pretty good year . . . best ever, in fact. 

We love our sports teams, and it always seems like there's a void when their seasons suddenly end.

Last night I took time usually devoted to watching Mariners games and climbed on my bike for a nice ride down Woodside Road. 

While approaching one big open field, I saw lots of movement----at least 25 deer feeding off the stubble and suddenly scattering all different directions as soon as they were aware of my presence.

One stood like a statue in its tracks near the fenceline as I pedaled past and assured it that there were no worries.  

This morning we're getting little interludes of rain, but it looks as if the lovely weather will return and continue for several days.  

Nice way to welcome October.  

Happy Tuesday from the usual Slight Detour perch!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Game Faces

Felix's game face and his arm netted him a win.  

Long about the sixth inning, yesterday's Seattle Mariners-Los Angeles Angels sold-out game turned into a bit of a "moot point," even with Seattle winning.

Seattle needed to win, and Oakland needed to lose for the Mariners to move on to the post-season Wild Card competition.

When the scoreboard across from where we sat showed a final score with Oakland defeating the Texas Ranger 4-0, I expected a mass migration from Safeco Field.

Didn't happen.

Fans were there hoping for a victory, which they got with Seattle completing their season with a 4-1 win over Los Angeles, but most folks stayed.

After all, it was a beautiful September Sunday (kinda cold where we were sitting near First Base), and the overall scene created a wonderful setting for fans enjoying their sport and young and old munching away at the baseball staples of Cracker Jacks, peanuts and hotdogs.

When the game ended, Seattle players came along with their bags of goodies, flinging them into crowds of folks, now hungry for any memento of this final game of the season. Everyone there had their yellow "king" towels, but lucky catchers could also take home baseballs, bats, bags, etc. 

Young Micah (second photo) and I vied for a bag with the name "Cano."  I caught it while Micah had a hand on it.  I gave it to Micah, then his dad said I could have it.  

I thought about keeping it but knew that an 8-year-old from Bonney Lake, Wash., was gonna enjoy it a whole lot more than an old retired school teacher.

So, I handed it over and did my work as a teacher---encouraging Micah to do his best in school.  His dad told me that he already does pretty well.  

Keep up the good work, Micah!  

Anyway, it was a great day when we went out to the ball game.  Later, Annie, Bill and I enjoyed a Mexican dinner on Lake Union and DELICIOUS Molly Moon's ice cream in Wallingford. 

I learned last night that when someone says it's a "one-scoop" place, believe them.  My salted caramel, chocolate sundae was so huge, I had to throw half of it away.

I have a feeling our GPS will direct us to that ice cream shop a time or two in the future. Good stuff.

Great day.  Now, it's time to head back over the Cascades toward the Lovestead and the menagerie. 

Happy Monday. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

On the Road and Lovin' It

 To say that yesterday was memory-filled and wonderful would be an understatement.  We hit the road, headed for a cousins' reunion in the Tri-Cities, and that all turned out just great.

The scenes along the way and during our gathering included a tapestry of good hugs, laughs, good food, steps back in time, and some drop-dead, brilliant beauty on a bluff overlooking the Columbia River where the Skelton strand of the family grew up and where Ed and his family have taken their fruit farm to amazing heights. 

A special thanks to Ed and his wife Mary and to cousin Rita for setting up this wonderful gathering of cousins from the Brown clan. 

During our trip yesterday, I kept a close eye on my cell phone waiting for news from Nampa where Laurie ultimately completed her week of great successes, finishing in the Top Five and adding more notches on Mani's record of phenomenal achievements in dressage, Congratulations to Laurie and her gang of family and friends who provided her support during her days at the Nationals.

I can't write too much this morning because we need to get on the road for another exciting event, which turned out to be very significant after the Seattle Mariners pulled off a 2-1 win over the Los Angeles Angels last night to remain in contention for a wild-card extension to their regular season. 

Today's game at Safeco is BIG, and what adds to that is that Felix is pitching.  We'll be there with Annie, and we're looking forward to loving the entire scene and hoping that Seattle pulls it off.  If nothing else, though, we will have witnessed some fabulous Mariner history and enjoyed a firsthand look at a team that's likely to be in the World Series.

What a weekend.  What fun! What memories!  It doesn't get any better, and we're having a great time, thanks to the folks at home watching our place and our beloved critters.  Thanks, Debbie, Laura and Willie.  

On the road again . . . Happy Sunday.

We met these birders who were on a field trip that took them to the birding oasis of  Washtucna, a little town off the beaten path where our neighbors, the Wood family, graze their cows during the winter months.  Both Bill and I are thrilled to have marked Washtucna off our bucket list of places we've always wanted to explore while passing through on I-90.

The side trip was SO worth it with our stroll around the part at Ralston and later, Washtucna.  And when we'd moved on down the road a ways, we truly met pay dirt when we spied the cowboys and their dogs finishing up a job of moving cattle.

While visiting with the very nice young men from Omak, I learned they were good friends with Rowdy Buechner, a former Sandpoint  man, who enjoyed the big lights and some great successes during his rodeo career.  

Yes, dear cousin Lauri, we'll write that novel about Washtucna!