Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Iceland, Day Two


In less than 24 hours, we'll touch down in Seattle.  Between now and then, we'll say good bye to this Black Beach Cottage, see some more of Iceland and head to the airport.  

It's gonna be a LONG day.

Also, this will be my last post until I come back to life at home on Saturday morning.  We truly have been burning the candle at both ends. 

And, in the next day or so, we'll keep up that pace, so it's best to take a break from blogging.

I'm also posting only a portion of the multitude of OMG/WOW scenes we saw mile after mile in our travels across southern Iceland yesterday.  

Iceland is as advertised----endless and massive  natural beauty---beyond amazing totally spectacular, almost unreal,

After we get home, my next post will attempt to feature what we see today and to wrap up the highlights of what has truly been a trip of a lifetime.

Stay tuned, and thanks for the many comments. It's been fun sharing this lifetime and family event.

Many many thanks to Willie and Debbie for encouraging us to add this leg of the trip and for showing us Icelandic beauty.

Icelandic Immersion: Day One


For my childhood friend Joanne, with whom we used to talk Catholics and Lutherans, I must say that you Lutherans have outdone yourselves with this magnificent and iconic Cathedral in Reyjavik.

New  country for Bill and me.


It's fun being on the receiving end as Willie and Debbie recount memories from their first visit to Iceland last year with Annie.

The three came back after a week here, excited about their experience and hoping for an opportunity to show the parents around.

Scheduling did not work out for Annie to be with us, but she's here in spirit---well, actually via text messaging as we experience the island northwest of Ireland for the first time.

So, it's still a Love family experience and so far, so fun.

And, by the way, Annie, those waffle snacks you gave us from The Netherlands are tasting mighty good as I sip coffee and munch while doing today's post.

We're staying at the Black Sand Beach Cottage, which we discovered is not really on the seashore but close.  

The cottage has everything we need, especially a nice choice of beds, and they looked mighty good last night after a long day with long lines at Dublin Airport, then a flight to Reyjavik and then a few hours of introduction to a new and different landscape and culture.

Especially fun was experiencing this brand new country, for us,  along with people from all over the world. Eclectic droves are definitely flocking to Iceland like they haven't done for more than two years. 

Willie and Debbie both remarked that during their strolls around Reyjavik last year, they felt like they had the place to themselves.

So far, while walking around yesterday afternoon and evening, I've noticed generally stark, quiet simplicity along with a love of artistic expression in a variety of media.  Red and blue seem to be commonly loved colors for houses and other buildings.

I don't know if I could ever spit out an Icelandic word properly as they are long.  

We enjoyed a meal at the American Bar last night where U.S license plates adorn the women's bathroom and some interesting, colorful murals brighten up the hallways.

Willie has warned us to be prepared to "go, go, go" today as we explore the southern portion of the island. 

Looks like it could be a great weather day for the cameras in this land of lupine and magnificent ponies and geological features. 

So, stay tuned.  

Hopefully, time will allow me to post a batch of photos from this new lifetime adventure.

Happy Wednesday. 


I spotted this namesake candy in the duty free section of the airport yesterday after our arrival, and, of course, I had to buy a bag of the mint and carmel/chocolate goodies.

Cost me 1,250 Kronas (Icleandic currency). You can do the math. 

Bill's first geocache find in Iceland.