Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hukt on Fonix --- Wurkt Fore Mee

Eye got asst if eye wonted too partissipate in a speling bea fore tha lokle wentre karneevul thee othur nite. Eye tolled tha layde know. Shee thot eye'd bea a gud canidayte to bea hur partnur. Shee sed sum othur layde hadd aproched hur and sed sheed lyke too put toogather a teem. Sew, this hear layde figyered eye'd bea a shoo-inn as a contesstent.

Seams thay thank thay kan beet tha Dayley Bea teem if thay poot tha ryte teem toogather. Wel, eye donte no if enyone cood beet tha Dayley Bea teem. Thay half cuch a waye ov spelin' wurds thaat knowbuddy cud kome klose too thier creeaytivvitee.

I tolled tha layde that sence thier waz know pottee jon bak stayge at tha pannidah theeatur, eye wud knot joyn hur teem. Meye deecishion hade nuthinge too doggie doo withe meye abillitee too spel. Eye've allwayz nown who too spel thoz tuff wurds lyke "receive" and "accommodate." Sew, eye cud probbablee doggie doo okaye own hur teem, butt whenn it cumz too tha for sillable stuffe, eye haav meny prublmes.

Beesydes, eye'd hafta go too tha toylet becuz eye'd bea sew nurvus. Iff thier's know pottee jon four mee too runnn too wehn tha erge cumz, eye'd bee too embearassed in frunt ov awl thoz peeple. Thay mite laff at mee iff I wur too hav an axident upp thier own tha stayge, end eye'd probbablee staart kryin or sompting lyke taht.

Eye thank thierz enuff gud spelers in Sand Pit too wen taht kontesst agenst tha Daylee Bea. Eye'll bett theirz eeven sum peeple hear in twon how cud hav spel chek immplannts in thier heds. Teknologee haz arived, eeven hear in Sand Pit.

Eye'll bett tha coaldwhatter crik krowd cud putt upp a gud teem cuz thay've gott awl taht noo-fayngled stuf owt thier att thier hedkwarters thier att cootnee whair taht beg hookey reenk/communittee wreck sentur iz gonna bea. Beesydes, tha karnivul kommittea seems too hav Coaldwhatter Crik and Jorjha own mye Mynde cuz thay pikked taht Jorjha laydee frum Coaldwhatter Crik az tha Sitizen ov tha Yeer end tha karnivul grande poopah inn tha parayd.

Shee gott pikked four awl tha wurk sheez dun too hep tha communittee, spechially for edyewcayshon, sew itt seams fiting tha kumpanee otta hav a speling teem. Seams lyke thay cud dresse upp in sum ov thier fancee close end spel reel gud.

Anaway, yew arndt gowna sea mea att tha speling bea unles maybee butsie decydes too assk mea too joyne hymm. Eye thank butsie end eye cud mayke a gud teem, end maybee bonie, taht mool laydee, cud joyne us too. Thenne wea cud beet tha doggie doodoo owt ov tha Daylee Bea.

Fore nowe, thoe, eye'm planin too staye hoam end wahtch "Extreememaycover" end "Despert Howswyves." Speekin ov despert, eye cud hep peeple owt iff thay reely kneaded sum hellp wid grammer, writting, punkchewashun or reel smarte stuf lyke taht.

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Jamie said...

This is very funny. It took me a bit longer to read than most of your posts--not just because of the spelling but because I was laughing my head off!