Monday, March 13, 2006

Finger lickin' Monday

I promise all readers this will be the last reminder. Today is the big day for our Sandpoint singer. So, tune in to your favorite country station and spread the word to all your country music lovin' friends to do the same. If it takes calling up the local station and asking them to play that "Grits 'n Chicken Love Song," do it. Bomshel will love you forever, and our Sandpoint girl will make it big.

From all reports that I've read and heard, today is the day for "Absolutely Finger-lickin, Grits 'n Chicken Country Music Love Song" to be released. I made my niece Laura and her friend Ann listen to it yesterday while they chomped on chocolate chip cookies at my house. Now, you know how it is when someone makes you stop everything you're doing and sit down to listen or watch what they think is the most wonderful thing in the world.

I've had that happen a time or two, and it takes all the patience I can muster to stand through the entire show/song, etc. and pretend I care. Sometimes, I'm pleasantly surprised. Other times, I put on a good show, issue a compliment and hope for the subject to change to something else. Well, I knew I was putting Laura and Ann through that very torture, but I also felt confident that listening to the song would be worth their time.

Unless Laura is the Academy Award-winning actress of all "Come and Listen to This" segments, she seemed genuinely impressed with the song. Her friend Ann asked just who these people were, and I proudly announced their name, emphasizing that the fiddle player and harmonizer was a 1999 Sandpoint High graduate.

Later, at dinner with my mother and sisters, I gently introduced the Bomshel theme into the conversation and was pleasantly surprised to hear that Laurie, my country-music aficionado sister, had heard THE SONG on the local radio station. Her assessment----they're good.

In fairness, my somewhat deaf 84-year-old mother said the song sounded just like cacophony the day I played it for her over the phone. But then, my mother's hearing aid, coupled with her telephone, my computer speakers and my cell phone didn't exactly produce a pure musical sound to penetrate her ear canal. I suggested to her that she'd have to hear it firsthand some day and re-evaluate.

The other day, I talked to Chuck Howard, Kristy Osmunson and Buffy Lawson's manager/producer, and he's so excited about their potential, he thinks they'll become a household name like Martha Stewart---without the ankle bracelet, of course. They wear lots of gaudy stuff but no ankle bracelets.

Anyway, as a self-proclaimed surrogate promoter off here in remote North Idaho, I encourage all readers to join me in spreading the Bomshel word. Send emails to your country music friends. Tell 'em to do the same. Tune in those radios, and let's listen as these talented young women do their thing. I think we'll all be proud of what we see, and we can say "We knew them when." To hear the song on RealPlayer, go to this link: (

Have a happy Bomshel day!

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