Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday morning sporting report

Since this is the week leading up to Mother's Day, I'll assume the role of proud mother. Both of our kids distinguished themselves this week in the sporting department.

First, Willie told me he burned some midnight oil and produced three front-page sports stories in one day at Nampa's Idaho Press Tribune this week. He also learned that he'd won a writing award for something he wrote for the Newport Miner during 2005. He'll find out the specifics in June.

Second, Annie didn't let any sore toe get in the way of running in her first Bloomsday yesterday. She told her dad, in a telephone call afterward, that the ankle timer bothered her more than the toe. But, she got some pretty nice results thanks to that timer. She also reported that her cousin Laura was pretty happy about cutting ten minutes off from her last year's race time. Good for you, Laura!

When Annie plugged in her time, she learned the following about her performance:

Finish Time: 1:08:45

Overall Place: 5,105 out of 40,585

Ran with a pace of 9:12 per mile

The average pace for 27-year-olds was 14:10

Placed 108th among people the same age

Placed 178th among people from Seattle, WA

Placed 3,820th among people from the State of Washington

Placed 2nd among people with the same last name

Placed 1,522nd among females

Placed 38th out of 421 among 27-year-old females

Placed 1st in the hearts of Mom and Dad

Congratulations, Willie, Annie and Laura. We're very proud of you!


Jamie said...

Is Willie working for the Idaho Press Tribune now? I know another guy really well that does sports for them--Mike Stetson.

MLove said...

Yup. He probably knows Willie by now.