Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Remembering Brandy

The second edition of the Beautiful Bonner history book is propped up on my desk. It's open to pages 22 and 23. Smiling faces stare back at me: Stefanie Phillips, Morgan Whitney Potts, Kinsie Raynor, C.J. Reeves, and Brandy Post.

The pictures appear on these pages because I took them a few years ago while we were working on an English project for the history book. We focused on the turn of the century because these kids were going to graduate in 2000.

I reasoned that their observations and dreams during their junior year of high school would turn more profound with the years. So, I put together a Q and A form, asked them to respond and matched their responses with photos. In fact, I ran across those photos this past Sunday evening.

Though they're black and white in the book, I can still see Brandy Post's striking, naturally curly red hair. There's that cute dimple on the side of her cheek, and those warm, loving brown eyes might fool anyone into thinking that she probably led the All-American life.

I'll let you decide. It's been six years since the turn of the century, so let's see what Brandy had to say:

Brandy Post

Birthdate: July 13, 1982

Interests/School Activities: I am interested in medication, and I enjoy playing volleyball, basketball and golf.

What you'll remember most about Sandpoint at the turn of the centry: What I will remember about Sandpoint High School--I haven't been going to Sandpoint very long, but I think I'll remember how hard it was for me to make friends.

What you'll remember most about the nation and the world: I will remember all of the school shootings and how people thought 2000 was going to be the end of time.

Music you'll remember: I will always love my father's music the most. He would play Christian music, in the churches. I will also remember the Guns n' Roses; my sisters and brothers would rock out to this song when we were kids.

Fads you'll remember: I will remember bell bottoms, sweat shirts with hoods, shiny clothes, white anything and platforms.

Favorite school memory: Doing a pole dance, for the Elk Mountain Academy boys.

Technology that makes your life easy: The telephone and the computer

Your all-time favorite book: I don't have a favorite book, but I enjoy reading poems and reading about certain medications.

Plans for after high school: I plan to be a pharmacist.

Biggest fear for the future: I fear that I will lose my mother to her drug addiction. I also fear that I will drop out of high school.

Lifetime goal/hope for the future: To go to college and become a pharmacist.

As I recall, Brandy and I got to be pretty good friends during her short tenure at Sandpoint High School. I believe she was living with a foster mother at the time. She was a sweetheart, and it pained me deeply that she felt like such an outsider among her peers. She had so much potential, but high school can be a cruel time for teens.

Yesterday was a cruel day for Brandy, her baby boy and for her husband. They died on a cold, cold night when their mobile home caught fire. I've read the accounts in both papers and could not help but think of when our house burned down Dec. 20, 1984. We lost all material possessions, but our lives have gone on with many blessings.

On this sad morning, I must say that one of those many blessings was meeting Brandy. May she, her baby and her husband rest in peace. God bless them.


Jessica Klontz said...

Thank you...My name is Jessica and I am Brandy's little sister...knowing that others saw in her the joy and wonderful loveing that I got to see gives me peace. She now rests with our father and with God...

MLove said...

Thank you, Jessica. My heart goes out to all of you.


nickie wissink said...

Brandy and i were friends in high school at LPO, regretfully we drifted apart over the years. She was a very smart, energetic, fun loving person and she will be missed. May god hold them tight and comfort us all.