Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Quite a party

I'm moving a little slowly this morning. Stayed up too late, got up too early. Last night's book launching party at the Seasons at Sandpoint turned out to be nothing less than spectacular. Mother Nature played a big hand in creating a beautiful spring night, and the folks at the Seasons outdid themselves to create a special atmosphere for a festive event.

My only regret is not having the book launch on tape because I really didn't get to see too much of the action, and I'm guessing there were people there I never even saw. The good news is that I spent most of the evening with my nose in a book and with my left hand in constant motion. I don't know how many books I signed, but it was a goodly amount.

The best part was getting to see so many faces who've played instrumental roles in the tapestry of my life. It was fun telling the crowd about Marian Ruyle who taught me Latin and who gave approximately 50 years of her life to Sandpoint High School. A standing ovation seems like a small gesture for such service to education, but I know Marian appreciated it.

I loved having the opportunity to show off and brag about the people who played a part in the book. My sister-in-law Mary came from Du Pont, Washington, Cheryl Klein came from a day's hectic work at the high school, Willie came from Boise and Colin Moody came from his work at Cedar Hills Church to be at the party. They've all carved their niche in my book of talented folks who made this whole project so much fun.

Various members of the Chambers family appeared from time to time, while Kathy, the excellent hostess/task master, put in an evening of seeing that everything went smoothly from the venue perspective. I saw Katie and Buddy briefly, and Darcy gave me a special tour of her Heavenly spa.

The best part of the evening was that no infamous candle made an appearance. Anything involving a Love-Chambers gathering just doesn't seem complete without that ugly candle which has been exchanged in different forms for more than 30 years. But, I'm guessing Marilyn may have put it away in a safe place the last time I bestowed it upon her, and, with luck, it's never to be found again.

I already have a T-shirt to commemorate the book launch. Harold and Sue Smith and Sue's dad Keith came through the line early in the evening. Pictures were snapped. They headed out the door. Fifteen minutes later, they had returned with "something" for me. I opened the bag, and there was a pink T-shirt with a photo of Keith and me. The book launch date was documented as was the "Carmel's favorite teacher" on the shirt. Carmel Hawn is Sue's younger sister who lives in Hawaii. She sat in my first-period English class back in the '70s.

Speaking of T-shirts. Willie received his very own Wampus Cat T-shirt and baseball cap last night. Trish Gannon represented the Clark Fork contingent and happily bestowed upon him the rights to enter Clark Fork at his mercy. In the book, there's a segment detailing Willie's youthful indiscretion in the name of Clark Fork. The comment definitely portrayed politics gone bad and led to a mad mother. Willie's still trying to redeem himself and promises to wear the Wampus cat colors wherever he goes.

So many images of so many friends keep flashing through my tired mind this morning. I wish I'd have had more time to spend with each, but I'm thrilled that so many came to enjoy the evening. I think it was definitely "a good time was had by all" party. I know I'll be thinking about it and smiling for a long, long time.

To all who read this blog and who attended the party, thanks for coming. It meant a lot to me.


Anonymous said...


It was a lovely, lovely party. Thanks to you and to all who made it possible!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I wish you skyrocketing sales!

from a faithful blog reader in Orlando

Chris Bessler said...

Marianne, that was the most fun I've had at a book party yet (and I've been to a few). And those were some pretty funny talks, which I guess happens when you give the podium to a lawyer, a preacher and a teacher.

We have a little gift for you too, which will be appropriate to reveal here in your blog... which we should be able to do tomorrow... though you can never tell for sure about how long things concerning the particular nature of this gift might take... but pretty soon, anyway. Not to pile on too much suspense, as it is just a small thing; but useful for one who operates this particular blog, we hope.