Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Let me get back to vegetables

I've been reading and hearing more than I want to know about Idaho in news headlines during the past two days. Sun Valley's burning up, and there's a cloud over the entire state, according to its senior senator. The Boise Statesman is to blame for his demise, and you can find websites to find the best airports for soliciting sex, complete with manuals on how to tap out your code for the occupant in the stall next door.

Well, it could be worse. Our Senator could have been stung on Dateline-NBC's "To Catch a Predator." Then, we could have all watched the details rather than just seeing headlines such as "Terror in the Toilet."

I guess it's time to retreat from the outside news and get back to my garden. It's been staying out of trouble; in fact, it didn't even freeze the night before last. So, my cantaloupe are still threatening to mature. I helped them along by covering them with plastic bags and dirt when it felt like we might get bitten the other night. I never thought I'd see a cantaloupe grow, let a lone mature in my garden, but it's happening, and even Bill goes out there occasionally to inspect the melon progress.

He took most of my crook-neck squash to work yesterday, and apparently J.D. Pratt, who lives clear to hell and gone up Grouse Creek, took his share and issued a thank you. Last night, we ate the beans my sister-in-law was supposed to pick yesterday afternoon. She got behind on her "things to do" list, so bean-picking at the Lovestead moved down the list of priorities.

I picked those green beans off the plants, snapped off their heads and took them straight to the stove. After their steam bath, they swam around in a bath of Imperial margarine, cheddar cheese, salt, pepper and onion salt. When Bill dished up what he wanted, I went for my second helping and almost licked the pan clean. Then, I heard, "Are there any more of those beans?"

Too bad for Bill. He's been enjoying the fresh sweet corn too. We took a break from that last night, but I haven't taken a break this week from the coleslaw chopped from a big head of garden cabbage. I could eat that all day, and I noticed in the food section of the paper that coleslaw got the nod for featured dish today.

I've got tomatoes bigger than my cantaloupe. I've got half a dozen or so tomatoes that would have beaten the pants off my blue-ribbon tomatoes at the fair. These tomatoes are, without a doubt, the biggest tomatoes I've ever seen, even bigger than any I saw in my friend Betty Munis' Boise garden.

Would you believe she has more than 80 varieties of tomatoes, and most of them were ripe when I was down there Aug. 11. Betty has an annual tomato tasting party at her house every year. She also takes tomatoes to a local restaurant in return for gift certificates. Moreover, Betty and her hubby David own one of the four featured gardens on the Boise garden tour this summer----and my green tomatoes are far bigger than any of the thousands she's had hanging on her vines. So, I'm mighty proud.

I doubt my giant tomatoes would make any news headlines for our Gem State, but I'm thinking such a news item could make a welcome break from how we're gaining notoriety these days. Maybe our Miss Lily and Miss Annie Love news would be more alluring. Our Miss Lily is gonna be a pin-up girl. We learned yesterday that her photo, taken by our Miss Annie last Christmas, will be featured December 2008 on the upcoming Appaloosa calendar.

Speaking of Annie and that camera of hers, she snapped quite a picture of the full moon and included it in her latest collection of blog photos, all of which are much more appealing than Larry Craig's mug shot in this morning's Spokesman. So, check 'em out at (

When that calendar with Miss Lily comes out, I'll be telling you where you can order it. For now, congratulations to Annie. We are proud of you. As for Larry, we're not.

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