Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Got the trots? Anyone? Anyone?

Does anyone else out there have the trots?

In some cases, I could even call it the gallops and in a few cases, the sprints. Of course, most people who've know me for any length of time, know that I have a tendency to be on the move a lot, and that's in more ways than one. My sister used to always love to detect my misery. She could see it in my face, and she'd correctly announce, "Marianne's about to launch off."

Sunday I blamed my present malady on a latte overdose. I'd had a homegrown latte Saturday morning and a Starbuck's high-priced variety that afternoon. Then, I made brownies that night and sampled the dough. The next morning, shortly after having my third latte in 24 hours, all innerds broke loose and continued to do so throughout the day. So, I figured I'd overdosed.

That period, however, was followed by chills and achy muscles. So, Monday I just figured it was the flu cuz I still didn't feel that great. Well, whatever it is, the stuff is hanging on, and I'm having a hard time being predictable. The one thing that's predictable is that while talking or trying to write my blog, I might have to break off mid-sentence and run. Not fun, especially for the person left standing there wondering what's with that lady. Of course, with the blog, you can't see me running.

Well, for years I've lived with such stuff, and it's never fun. I've learned to deal with it through my sense of humor and one heckuva lot of patience coupled with constant rejuggling of plans. My bosses, during the later years of my career, knew never to stop me in the hallways if I was out of my classroom with an obvious mission on my mind. My kids also knew not to abuse the situation, lest they get their heads chewed off when I returned.

So, yes, I use a humorous approach to an otherwise miserable albatross of life, but I'm hoping this time it's just a bug that other folks have been suffering and not to worry because it will go away.

It was actual worry that led to this more chronic debility in the first place. My doctors, after tons of tests and attempts at cures over the years, finally concluded that some people get migraines, some get hives, and some trot a lot when stress gets too intense. I tend to believe they were right because retirement slowed down my running habits quite a bit.

I guess the cure for such things is to do nothing and resign one's self to a life of sitting in front of the boob tube. Then, there'd be no stress. I doubt I'll take that route. So, I'll just keep on running and hope it's a flu bug that will eventually fly or trot away.

Gotta run!


Kathy said...

You're not alone. Edie has been blaming hers on a fruitcake and Kathy has been blaming hers on a tortilla wrap.....I think the fruitcake is the best so far!

Anonymous said...

Could be a food allergy. I know of people who have had flu like symptoms for a week, and it turned out to be a food allergy. Do you have a reaction to milk or coffee, maybe?

Mrs. Mac said...

Not sure which would be worse ... I get the hives from stress ... hoping you can travel further than the couch to the bathroom very soon.