Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Feb. 17

I don't know what's significant this day, but I'm sure there's something important to celebrate. So, I'll give it a special high five, just to cover any an all birthdays, anniversaries, or historical happenings. Maybe something big will happen today to set it apart from all the other Feb. 17th's that came before it.

We shall not know until midnight, so I guess we'll just have to slog along and see what's to come. I do know a few things to come today. I must turn Lefty out. I must clean his barn. I must take another sack of Nutrena Youth over to the barn, so he and Lily will have grain tonight.

I also know that I'll be taking Mother to the ER again this morning for her antibiotic treatment. I do not know what the doctor or her intern Dylan are going to say when they see the hand. It appears better, but it still is somewhat swollen and has a couple of "problem" swellings that concern the doctor.

Mother has faithfully done everything instructed to her, which so far includes: soaking in warm moisture, administering salve, elevation, taking antibiotics, taking more antibiotics, forgetting the salve and soaking in Epsom salts four times daily. This morning there is a possibility that the doctor may have to lance one of those problem areas, but again, we don't know.

We have learned a lot about cat bites, and have I said many times during this saga----they are bad and people should not waste a moment getting them treated.

So, on this Feb. 17, I'll be on my way to the barn and eventually to the ER where Mother and I are getting to know lots of nurses, doctors, office workers and other people who have to come to the ER. Maybe I should take my laptop with me and start writing a book about ER's. But then again, maybe not, cuz I think someone else already has.

Have a Happy Feb. 17. And, to Joanne who wrote in yesterday, if you're the one at the other end of the Colburn hayfield, hang in there. Winter will definitely not end Feb. 17 but sometime soon in a field near you. And, when it does, we'll holler!


Anonymous said...

I think poor Joanne should try again, don't you, Marianne?!?!? Yikes, what a winter to pick! -Betsy xoxo

JoAnne said...

I'm just north of your sister's place on the highway. Tucker's property, to be specific. I'm stuffed into an 800 sq ft apartment with four Cardigan Welsh corgis and hubby! Right after we came up in Sept., I had two dogs go down in the back 4 weeks apart. Both required surgery (hemilaminectomy) and a lot of rehab. And I'm in North Idaho without knowing who to go to! Needless to say, it was hard, especially those trips to WSU Vet Hospital in the middle of December! But both dogs are doing OK now and I'm looking forward to spring. I do think I could "do" winter here - it's just that it's so far from my family and I'm discovering just how important family is. This is the first time I've been away from them for any length of time and I'm lonely!

I do enjoy reading your blog, have been reading for several years now.