Friday, March 21, 2008

A Not-so-Good Friday

The snow continues to pile up. That deck I finally cleared two nights ago will again need shoveling----once this morning's dump slides off the roof. Of course, then we'll have this afternoon's dump to contend with. Even the bare lawn circles around the tree wells are shrinking this morning, keeping the robins' worm-hunting areas limited.

Yesterday I was telling Elaine Clark how I'd screamed a few expletives out loud in the solitude of my house after once more deciding, "Well, I can always vacuum." All the outdoor plans for yesterday were washing down with the worms, as snow continued to fall throughout the day.

Elaine said her husband Buck was in a similar mood. My hubby Bill says he figures our neighbor Jim is too. Bill always uses Jim as a measuring gage for someone who might just be feeling uglier than I am about this ETERNAL WINTER!

Yesterday, my rain jacket was soaked by the time I did finish the one outside job of putting up new electric wire around the barnyard board fences so that the horses wouldn't eat the boards because they're so bored. I spent a few moments during one rain/snow/slop break stretching the top strand of wire along the pasture/lawn area, but gave up on the rest of the strands cuz they're still buried too deeply in the snow.

This morning, the outlines of my lawn rakes and my bike are creating some nice patterns in the new blanket of white. And, Tony's coming----to fix the lawnmowers for lawn mowing which started around here in early April last year. Silly me!

Who do I think I am anyway---as I follow the Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared? Well, maybe the equipment and the bike will get some use sometime this year or next. In the meantime, I water my pots too many times a day and threaten to vacuum the floors too many times a day. Even the NCAA games yesterday were mostly forgettable---the Cougs won by 31 points, so that wasn't exactly a nail biter.

Well, in a couple of hours, I'll get a break from my doldrums when the Zags play that team nobody here has ever heard of----the same team that's won 22 straight. Maybe the game will ignite some excitement at least for the morning.

I told Tony that if he's here during the game---where to find the lawnmowers. At least that's one thing I did right last fall; I put lawnmowers where they would be safe for the winter. So, Tony can work on them this morning under shelter from the thick falling snow that won't stop! Kinda reminds me of Hillary.

And, before I punch these keys any harder, I'd better stop right here on this Not-so-Good Friday.

GO ZAGS! GO BRONCOS! GO AWAY, SNOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update: I just went outside for barn chores and decided the shed where one of the lawnmowers is stored doesn't have ideal conditions for Tony to crawl underneath to install a new blade and belt. So, I thought---like an idiot---I could drive it to the barn which is dry inside.

Ya know----they don't put snow tires on lawn mowers. I got stuck once. Gave up and pushed it back to the shed. I'll let Tony decide if he wants to work on it.

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