Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday Twitter and Tumble

This is one of those days when I sit down to the computer and haven't the foggiest idea of what to write. I considered taking a break, but my long-honed self discipline would not allow that. It would be like eating that extra hamburger or sleeping another hour. I would succumb to my basest desires and be ruined for life.

Once you give in, quit, gorge, etc., it will become a habit, and we CAN'T allow that. I have such fears. After quitting smoking 38 years ago, I had real-life dreams for years that I started again. Thank God, I would wake up. After losing more than 40 pounds after retirement, I'm totally phobic about the thought of putting on any of those lost pounds, cuz one small glob of fat will surely lead to one giant lady.

With that kind of attitude, I must add that after writing on this blog for nearly four years, I cannot relent to the temptation of just taking the day off. That relaxation of the rules could surely signal the end of the blog and the end of an integral part of each morning.

What would I do during this time when that big mug of mocha latte sits next to me begging to be sipped down, with every swallow fully appreciated and every dead cell in my brain waiting to come alive, thanks to the daily caffeine overload?

That could be a real problem, so here I sit with the Tuesday Twitter and Tumble, sipping away, re-igniting the engine for another day, listening to crows caw and birds sing, looking out the window at that the dark green pasture along the lane and, further on, the contrasting bright orange Kubota sitting in the big shed.

What would I write about on this Tuesday Twitter and Tumble? What would anyone care about the fact that I have two cucumbers----count 'em---two cucumbers two and three inches long, respectively sitting out there in the greenhouse. For a long time, they were hiding under the leaves of other plants. Discovered the first one last week and the second this morning. I care about those cucumbers, so I must chronicle their existence, whether anyone else cares or not.

Also, who would care that my asparagus spears suddenly jutted from beneath the soil overnight. I checked the spot Sunday. No asparagus. I walked by yesterday on an errand. Asparagus all over the place, just like all those skeletons in Jason and the Golden Fleece. We could be sampling fresh asparagus for dinner tonight.

I could write about elections. After all, it's Tuesday. There's a school levy election today, and I'll drive down to Northside School today to vote. I don't tell people how to vote in school elections. I figure it's their business, and they can make up their minds the way they see fit. I can tell people that I'm extremely disappointed that we're losing the core of any school---a whole bunch of teachers.

Don't let me get started on the fact that we can teach in a field, we can teach in a bare room full of desks---I've done both. In my mind, the teacher makes the difference, always has.

I could write about the primary elections today, but I won't give my opinion for fear a slough of anonymous donors will chastise my thoughts with "vacuous eloquence," and I can't handle that. Just kidding. By now, everyone knows how I stand on the Presidential election, so I'm not sayin' nuttin'

Speaking of Northside School, I could twitter about one of its students who tripped over my foot at the Keokee party Friday night and banged her forehead really hard on a wooden planter. I felt so awful and still do. She's doing okay, though, and she's been pretty magnanimous toward me---that old goat with the big feet who got in her way. Her mother was pretty nice about it too, even if it did put a damper on the publications party for her.

I sent my little victim some horse greeting cards yesterday and told her I hoped to erase any fear she'd ever have of running into me or my feet again. It's so awful when someone else suffers because of you.

Anyway, now that she's pretty much on the mend, except for those telltale bruises, I'm looking forward to following her life and seeing what she can do to find a satisfying future. She's a cute little gal, and knowing her parents, I figure she's pretty smart too. Thanks, Mason for your understanding. I'll try to keep my klutzy feet far away from you in the future.

I must twitter about Annie's blog (www.nnlove.blogspot.com). She's got some photos of her recent snow camping experience, which is part of her training for climbing Mount Rainier, and her most recent are some fun photos at Seattle's baseball stadium.

Speaking of Annie, I must twitter to Kelsi, her Bloomsday buddy, and say thank you for the photos. They were fun. Looks like you all had a great time at the run. And, it was great to see you the other day at the book signing.

Well, that's enough twitter. I've got a column to write and a whole lot of yard work to do. My cup of caffeine is still half full, but my brain tank seems to be revved up and ready to go.

Have a great Tuesday and enjoy your own twitters but no tumbles on this lovely May day.

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