Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Guess Where

A sunny morning turned gloomy by afternoon yesterday, and that feeling of the "dead zone" of winter took over. I spent part of the afternoon dozing off on the couch---very unusual cuz I spend enough time at night dozing off on the couch while trying to watch TV.

Bill came home from church and a meeting, ate his usual five-course lunch for Sunday afternoons. That means several trips to the Schwan's boxes, heating up stuff in the oven, cleaning the plate and getting ready for the next trip to the freezer.

It's all topped off with one or two helpings of Schwan's ice cream goodies.

Anyway, once his extended lunch ended, we got in the car and went to see the herd of elk having their extended luncheon. No Schwan's products, though. Just hay provided by a resident of the area where the elk hang out on a nearby mountain.

The day never got better for photography, but I took pictures anyway.

So, today's assignment is to figure out where.

The shot above used to be downtown ????? USA?

Have fun. Enjoy the holiday!


Word Tosser said...

Selle Road with Selle Grange?

MLove said...


Lee said...

Finally I know one of your secret locations - having spent considerable time there as a youth.



MLove said...

I wondered if you might find it a bit familiar. Love that old building.