Saturday, December 19, 2009

SHS Scenes et. al.

The last time I spent any time talking to the young lady on the left she was a fourth grader at Sagle School.

I had been invited by her teacher to read stories from my books.

That day I learned she was the daughter of a former students, Carol Peterson Millard and her husband Eric.

Carol served as ASB president at Sandpoint High School her senior year.

Nowadays, she works with the Head Start program in Sandpoint.

It was fun running into her daughter yesterday when I was supposed to substitute for my sister Barbara.

I did not substitute.

I was not legal.

I had not filled out the proper paperwork, nor had I been finger-printed.

Dr. Penny Tenuto, pictured below, met me as I came into the office and told me she'd been trying to call me.

"We've got to have the paperwork," she said. "Sorry."

Actually, I could have been really upset for rushing around at the speed of light, doing my chores, stopping by my sister's for instructions and hurrying to town to be at school by 7:30. It was quite an effort, to say the least.

I could have been mad, but I wasn't.

Even though we all thought it was ultra ridiculous that an old veteran from SHS could not return to her workplace to watch after kids for a day, I was glad that Penny adhered to the rule.

Those rules are made to protect kids, and they should be enforced consistently, no matter who's walking in the door to help out.

So, I salute Lake Pend Oreille School District for keeping the best interests of kids in mind.

Plus, I was glad the situation turned out as it did because the morning turned sad.

After visiting with some staff and students and snapping a few photos, I headed home.

On my way, I received a call from my sister Barbara. The situation with yet another of her beloved horses was grim.

"I need help," she said.

"I'll be there," I told her.

Sadly, my sisters lost their third horse in the past few months.

Phansey was one of the reliables in their string of lessons horses. Many young people, including my daughter Annie, enjoyed some wonderful rides on Phansey.

She was a beautiful mare---a dark liver chestnut with white stockings and wide stripe.

Phansey, overnight, had incurred a severe twisted intestine.

She now lies with her friends, Tellie, Rosie and Mnisha in the cedar grove south of the indoor arena.

Again, the family is so indebted to our veterinarian Cherise for her wonderful care and compassion, along with neighbors who came to help with Phansey's burial---Steve Wood and Roger Thompson.

It was another sad day at Tibbs Arabians, and I was glad Penny sent me home from school yesterday. I could be available to help support my sister as she said good bye to another beloved equine friend.

~~~RIP Phansey~~~

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Word Tosser said...

Everything happens for a reason....
that is why you were sent home...

So are you going to go down and get the paper work done, incase you are needed in the future?