Thursday, July 29, 2010

Catching up

All is calm.  All is a bit gray as I write this morning.  We're back into the usual routine.  Bill has left for work.  He'll be in Bonners Ferry today.  Since our return, I've made it through the old newspapers, the mail and the answering machine message.  I've checked out the gardens and harvested berries and broccoli. Even took a dip in Big Blue yesterday afternoon.

So, this morning the need to scurry around has diminished, and I'm letting my normal schedule guide the day.  I know that Annie has arrived in Washington, D.C., on her red-eye flight,  and she'll hang out in the Mall area for the next two days.  Tomorrow she and Bryant Jones are getting together for geocaching and maybe a White House tour.  Saturday she goes to the Boy Scout Jamboree for a week.

While I was gone, another family development occurred.  Laurie bought a new horse.  I made it over to see him yesterday and to watch the tail-end of her dressage lesson with Gail.  

"Manny" is an 11-year-old black bay Arabian-Warmblood with four white stockings and a big wide strip.  Quite eye-catching too.

He's a step up, not only in height but also in natural ability for Laurie in the dressage world.  His motion is phenomenal----such ease, such smoothness.  I'm figuring the shock absorbers are superior to what she's experienced in the past, and she's driving with automatic transmission and power steering.  Looks like some fun times ahead for both of them.

Manny had been standing in a pasture, not working for a few years, so he's rough around the edges, but the potential is limitless.  I think she's even planning to ride him in a class at this Saturday's fair horse show, just to give him some ring experience before taking him to a full-fledged dressage event later next month.

Anyway, Laurie's tickled pink as is everyone else who's seen her new horse.  

Last night was indoor-arena night for some potential equestrians.  My brother Kevin and his wife Joyce picked up their grandchildren in Hayden and brought them to Sandpoint for an overnighter.  We gathered at the Colburn ranch for a nice family barbecue and then headed to the arena.  

Miss Aggie Sue (5) and Miss Betsy June (2) pulled on their lovely pink cowboy boots, donned helmets and climbed aboard.  Betsy rode in front of Laurie on Rusty while Aggie Sue, who's had a lesson with each year's visit to Colburn, took the reins on Coquie and rode to her heart's content.  It was all seriousness for these little gals, who appear to like horses---no understatement there!

Anyway, we all enjoyed the mini-horse show in the arena, including Mother who came down in her golf cart.  The cart is suffering a few burps from weak batteries, so she was  towed back up to the house with the 4-wheeler.  Not a problem, though.  Mother was delighted for the opportunity to watch a fourth generation of her family looking so good and so confident aboard their horses.

I'd say the beat will go on with horse activities in this family.

I think Aggie and Betsy may stop by the Lovestead this morning on their way to their Montana grandparents' home.  And, of course, they'll meet a few more horses.

In other developments, I see by this morning's paper that today is an anniversary of sorts for my friend Helen.  Their barn burned down out here in the Selle Valley 50 years ago today.  Helen's folks had a dairy, and the cause of the fire was said to be spontaneous combustion of recently stored hay.  

Which brings to mind that we still haven't heard when our hay will be cut for this season.  I think we might set a record of having hay cut for the first time ever in August.  That's how the long cold/wet spell in spring and early summer has affected virtually everything involving crops around here this year.  

I heard that hay harvesting will probably take a break for a few days because of predicted rain.  At this point, folks start getting a bit nervous, wondering if it will happen and what quality the hay will be when it finally goes to the barn.   So, we'll keep our fingers crossed for some good luck.

Those clouds haven't dumped anything yet, and the humidity is evident.  So, I'd better head outside, grab the hose and stick to my morning routine of dousing the gardens and the flower pots.
Happy Thursday to all.


Word Tosser said...

Sounds like a great day.... but where are the pictures? lol
You have spoiled us... we are use to pictures to go with it...

MLove said...

Coming tomorrow. I left my camera at Colburn. Glad you enjoy the photos.

Lori Weiler said...

Speaking of new family members, Courtnee (our 15 year old) just got herself a horse given to her. She is ecstatic! He is an 11 year old paint, very gentle and loves all the attention he gets.