Friday, July 30, 2010

Family fun and a flower

Miss Betsy June is one little bundle of lively energy, constantly renewing itself and very entertaining all who watch her.

She's my great-niece, and she's 2 1/2.

Those are Grandpa's legs. Grandpa is my brother Kevin.

We had a great family barbecue the night before last, and our friend Cis asked me where the pictures were on yesterday's posting.

Well, they were in my camera, which I left at Colburn.

So, I'll feature some of the fun today.

Plus, I've got a mystery flower pictured at the bottom.

If someone who knows perennials can tell me what it is, I'd appreciate it.

I cut it back the past couple of years, thinking it was leftover growth from the year before.

So, it has either bloomed for the first time, or I've destroyed all past year's blooms.

Pretty and unique, whatever it is.

Enjoy the photos.

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Anonymous said...

Betsy June! What a name to fill and it looks like that little cute little pistol will do the job just fine! Puz