Sunday, August 01, 2010

At the Bonner County Fair horse show . . .

"Outlaws" Bob and Sig came up from Spokane for the horse show. And, Mother came from Colburn.

Sig is my sister-in-law Mary's sister, thus making her a family "outlaw."

And, since Bob's married to her, he's one too.

Sig has two Arabian horses of her own and has been enjoying them immensely.


I've gotta get moving cuz I have to stop by the Colburn ranch and get to the horse show by 8 p.m.  Am announcing today.  Yesterday's big event was watching Laurie and her new horse.  A few photos below.

Today Barbara will be showing her Dusty in Western classes, and they'll both be showing horses this morning in the halter classes.

So, enjoy the photos below.

And, that's all folks.  Happy Sunday.

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