Sunday, August 15, 2010

A day of diamonds and some dust

Yesterday's blog post focused on "celebrating life." Well, we did a pretty good job of that throughout the day BUT---

The pickup had a bad day.

Jim, Bill and the two Border Collies were loaded up, ready to go fishing at Lightning Creek.

I went in the house when they started backing out of the driveway.

I heard a small crash outside and wondered if Bill had run into something.

Well, he didn't, but the pickup did. It crashed to the ground when the tire broke loose.

Lucky it happened there.

After lifting the front end of the pickup with the tractor, they carefully and slowly pulled it back into the driveway.

We're figuring on a couple of thousand bucks to fix it---or a different truck.

This one has been a good one for us for about ten years. It's a 1989 model, originally a company truck with Merritt Bros. Lumber Co.

The fishing equipment and the anglers moved to another pickup, but the doggies had to stay home. 

Anyone know of a good, used pickup that can haul hay and wood and pull horse trailers?

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