Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday, already?

Yeah, I talked about flying time in yesterday's post, but today I'm wondering where this week has gone.  Seems like some days sneaked past mighty fast.  I can't believe it's Friday already.

Today's item on the scheduled agenda includes a visit to the Fair to watch some of the herd-dog competition.  We haven't decided for sure which of our Border Collies will go to sit in the audience with us as spectators.  I'm pretty reluctant to consider Kiwi cuz I did take her a few years ago and was worn out by the time I left.

Border Collies are not really that good at sitting politely in the audience when they see other Border Collies at work.  They want to be part of the action, and that's exactly what kept me working with all my might to keep Kiwi in the grandstands.  

Kea hasn't had a chance to watch how it's done by the pros, so I might take her,  but then again, maybe the dogs will all stay home.  We can come back and report to them any tips we pick up on how to better manage the horses, Fuzzy Wuzzy (the cat), the coffee cans and this year's toy of choice:  birch bark.

Yeah, Kiwi's going green on us and sticking to "natural" stuff for her toys.  I saw the first curled-up birch bark between her jaws long about February, and I've seen AND picked up dozens from the lawn ever since.  

The standard procedure for each piece of  birch bark is to bring it from the woods, initiate a "catch me if you can" game and get as much use out of it as possible.  When that piece of  bark gets to a designated state where the keep-away game is not so much fun, it gets shredded into several pieces and left in a pile in the yard.

Then, it's time to race to the woods to find a new piece.  I'm wondering when pine cones will replace the birch bark.  Maybe next year.

Bill, Debbie and I went to the Fair last night in the midst of the blowing dust storm.  I've got scratchy eyes to prove it this morning.  We had a great time, looking over exhibits, purchasing goodies at the food booths, and listening to my former colleague Lee Jackson sing cowboy songs in the concession area.

Bill  and Debbie chose barbecue while I heard the corn dogs at the Horsin' Around booth were homemade and good.  I agree.  They're worth every cent, and I'd go back for another if I'm there at eating time. 

Now, for my friend Lee----I knew he was a musician.  Plays the trumpet in a swing band, but I did not know he was a crooner until last night.  There he was cowboy hat and all, sitting above the crowd,  singing some Eddie Arnold, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and John Denver classics.  He also sang one song he wrote himself and dedicated it to his wife.  Very nice and touching lyrics.

Lee is a shop teacher at Sandpoint High School.  We worked together for at least three or four years, and I always enjoyed his sense of humor.  Some of Lee's wood shop students were there enjoying another side of their teacher.  This will be his last year with the students, so I'm guessing we may hear more of  Lee's talents after he retires.

After our dinner serenade, we watched the tail end of the blind-folded tractor driving contest.  Erica Curless and I did that about three years ago---poorly.  We also visited the wildlife exhibit and the rabbits and chickens.  

Some of the chickens were obviously hungry for corndogs or something.  One successfully reached out of its cage and pecked Debbie on the hand, while another stood inside its feed dish, refusing to allow its cage mates access.  

We also saw and visited with lots of fun folks last night.  Jeralyn Mire coaxed us over to her kids' cow-and-calf projects.  Daniel and Christy did very well, based on the purple, lavender and blue ribbons hanging on their stalls.  They're definitely a family, totally committed to the 4-H program and to beef cattle, and it shows.

While I was jawing with one crowd, a lady stood by as if she was waiting to get my attention.  Finally, she said my name and then said hers:  Katina Nesbitt.  Well, about 45 years ago, I knew her as Kathy Nesbitt, and she was one of the senior examples among the 4-H crowd.  

That was back in the days of the old fairgrounds down by the Pend Oreille River.  Kathy always seemed to be in some sort of a leadership role among us 4-H'ers.  I know I respected her.  Had to cuz her dad was Bob and he already had given me a rough time through the years about my "horned" Hereford cattle. 

While Bob hung around Sandpoint (well, Sagle as a mail carrier and good raspberry grower), Kathy took off for Hawaii, living in Honolulu for the past 25 or so years.  She returned recently and now lives in Priest River.  We had a great time reminiscing last night.  

The dust storm continued throughout our stay, so we decided to head home via the food booths again.  Bill and Debbie packed off a couple of bags of kettle corn, while I purchased a downright wonderful elephant ear at the Beta Sig booth.  Beth and Dalena Hawkins waited on me, so that made it all the more fun.

Great night at the fair, and my knees didn't even scream.  And, today's planned visit involves sitting in the stands, so the knees should be happy two days in a row.  Now, should I take a dog or should I not?

Stay tuned.  

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