Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fun stuff on a Saturday

These are Boundary County feet.

I won't name their owners, but I'll tell you the big feet are related to the itty bitty foot. They're cousins.

The big feet live on a farm in Boundary County. They took some time off from chasing muskrats and feedin' hogs to come to the Boundary County Fair yesterday.

Behind a booth advertising German sausages, the romper-room activity was wild and frisky, so much so that the neighbor dog from the next booth over issued its disdain to the frolicking humans.

While these feet were busy behind the booth, their relatives were doing a lot of standing as they sold sausages and cold pop.

One young lady ran the cash register rather efficiently, no thanks to Grandma's sage advice on making change.

And, a French man stood there making jokes about the German sausage.


I went to the fair because Debbie and her friend Alicia were there at the Girl Scout booth.

They had spent most of the day people watching and signing up new recruits for the Girl Scout program.

Debbie told me my friend Denise was there, at a booth, for Cascade Farms, owned by Denise's daughter Mimi.

Shortly after my arrival, Mimi and her hubby Rob showed up.  We began the marathon visit at the Girl Scout booth.  Then, I moved on over to their German sausage booth and continued yakking away with Denise and Pierre while watching the family at work.  

The business gene has definitely moved on to the grandkids.


I also went to the fair because Bill took off to go fly fishing in Lightning Creek.

Willie and Alicia's fiancee Andrew had already headed off, with two of Bill's fly rods for the Yaak River in Montana.

I had finished mowing the lawn and had accomplished a wonderful milestone:  riding Lefty for the first time.

Bill stayed home yesterday, patiently waiting for the summons to come to the round pen and to hold Lefty, just in case.

Well, "just in case" never happened.  Lefty flinched once when I first put my foot in the stirrup from the mounting block.  A couple more stirrup in-and-outs and then I added my full weight.

Lefty seemed pretty unconcerned, so I figured there was no point in wasting any more time, and I climbed on. 

One round around the training pen, and Bill was snapping pictures as Lefty calmly walked in circles and across the pen.  He backed on the second try, and most importantly, "whoa-d" at the appropriate times.

As I sat petting him and telling him how wonderful he was, Lefty almost fell asleep.  

I don't know that it will be so easy in future rides on Lefty, but if yesterday was any indication, I think we're on our way to having yet another young saddle horse here at the Lovestead.

It's been a great week on the horse front.  Only problem is that three rideable horses mean three sets of shoes, and that ain't cheap.   Still, the fun to follow should make up for the expense. 

All in all, yesterday turned out to be a very satisfying and fun Saturday. 

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