Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Pretty flowers and pink sun

My flower show would never win a landscaping-design prize cuz it's all hodgepodge with no real rhyme or reason.

Still, I'm thrilled with various colorful venues around the yard cuz about 95 percent of them came from seed.

Some even came from saved seed, like those marigolds.

The petunias got their start in the room next door to where I'm typing, under the grow light.

For some reason this year's petunias want to stand tall, rather than spreading out.

I don't mind, though, cuz they're still pretty.

There's a great satisfaction in enjoying the colors sprouting from seeds you've stuck in the dirt by your own hand.

Eventually, I hope to do a better job collecting seed so that some year everything on the place will have resulted from true homegrown life cycles.

Yesterday was a significant day in the kitchen too.

Except for the French bread, our entire evening meal came from the Lovestead or the Taylor's place across the road.

Our main dish included potatoes, carrots, green beans, frozen tomatoes, and a fresh Walla Walla sweet onion, all grown on this place.

The hamburger in my own version of shepherd's pie came from one of Taylor's steers.

For dessert we had blueberry cobbler with berries, fresh picked from the bushes.

It was a delight.

Anyway, I'm enjoying my flowers, so I'll post a few photos for your enjoyment.

And, we all marveled at the huge pink sun as it dipped over the mountain last night.

Happy Tuesday.

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