Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Slight

Another weekend of busy activity.  I'll be missing the Celebrate Life walk this morning cuz I'll be checking in on Mother.  Still, the message associated with this annual activity,  which raises funds for local cancer patients,  will be resounding loud and clear in my mind throughout the day.  

Don't waste the day. Enjoy and appreciate every minute of life.  

My friend Jenny taught me that as she did hundreds of others who knew her and continue to miss her. 

Barbara and Laurie, my sisters, will be celebrating their lives this weekend---where else---but at a horse event.  Laurie loaded up her new horse Manny yesterday afternoon and drove to the Spokane Sport Horse arena.  Probably before I finish this posting, Laurie will have ridden her first dressage test of the day.

She has two tests today and two tomorrow.  Barbara took off early this morning to help her out and to cheer her on as she finds out just how good this horse is in the dressage arena.  He has great potential, but he could be a little rusty from several years in the pasture.  Nonetheless,  Laurie thinks she has found a gem.

And, speaking of "rusty," her other dressage horse Rusty is turning into a good Western horse, so Laurie's enjoying that aspect of him these days.

Bill and my brother Jim will continue their celebration of what life has to offer on a fishing stream today.  They went to Grouse Creek last night and came home well after dark.  

Bill told Jim not to expect too much size but to count on catching a few small trout in the creek. When they returned,  Jim showed me a photo on his cell phone.  It was a 10-inch rainbow, so that was a pleasant surprise for both anglers.

Jim had so much fun last night that the two plan to try their luck in Lightning Creek today.  And, since they're headed there,  I'll see if Mother wants to go up that way in a separate car.  Maybe we can snap a few photos of the fishermen and pick a few huckleberries on our drive.

We'll probably take Todd and Brooke along cuz Kiwi and Kea will accompany Jim and Bill.  Kiwi is the consummate fly-fishing Border Collie.  She's mesmerized by the entire operation and often goes ahead to find the next good hole for Bill to cast his fly.  Meanwhile, Kea just explores the area.

Todd and Brooke will be with us because Willie and Debbie are headed off to Spokane later in the day to celebrate life at a friend's wedding.  They'll probably spend the night, so we'll keep the dogs here.

Last night I celebrated life, first with the satisfaction of finally getting my entire lawn mowed all at once.  I also used  the tractor and brush hog  to knock down some weeds and to spruce up the barnyard and pasture areas.  With those projects done, I figured I deserved a nice evening ride on Lily.

So, I saddled up, pulled out my cell phone, called Roxane and told her I was headed her way.  We took a nice ride through some neighboring property.  We saw a deer or two and a bunch of turkeys, scurrying off through the woods.  

Roxane says Heather's about ready to come home.  So, next week I'll go get her and a few days later, she and Lily will get reshod, and I'll have shoes put on Lefty who's been doing round pen training. 

Next week, it's very possible that my sister Laurie will climb on Lefty and ride him around their indoor arena.  Suddenly the Lovestead should have three rideable horses.

To Jenny, 

Once either of those two young 'uns turns into a seasoned saddle horse, I'm hoping to invite Grace over to ride with me, either at the Lovestead or down our country roads.  I know you'll approve, especially because, for both of us, that will be one of those ultimate Celebrations of Life,  and your spirit will be riding along with us. 

Happy Saturday to all.  In Jenny's memory, celebrate the day---every minute of it!

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