Tuesday, September 14, 2010

From the horse's back: first fall ride

Bill took the afternoon off.  We left the Lovestead driveway at precisely the same time, headed off to do precisely what we each wanted to do. 

Bill turned north, bound for the Moyie and a fly-fishing afternoon in his favorite fall stream. 

I turned south, aboard Lily for the first time in a couple of weeks, and thrilled to start off on the first glorious horseback ride of the fall.  My adventure lasted only a couple of hours, while Bill pulled in well after dark.

 When fly fishing, Bill usually pulls in well after dark.

In my case, I kept it short because both Lily and I have to work up to long rides.  

I had taken my Advil, but my left foot still gets a little achy with that stirrup which still needs a little turning for more comfort.  An achy left foot was about the only detriment to the day.

My friend and former colleague Edna had given me permission to ride on their place again, this time to go further up a mountain trail to see their future house site. 

Once there, I surveyed the scene, which includes an unobstructed view of Schweitzer and a look over the valley along HWY 95.  I could only imagine and figured I'd better return in a couple of weeks to see the fall splendor below.  

A few trails led off from the house site, so Lily and I checked them out.  One leads down to an area where I believe Jay and Angie Cates are building their home.  I could hear carpenters at work and decided to say hidden in the trees.  

On our way back down the trail to the house site, Edna's brother (and his Border Collie) stopped and got out of his dump truck for a short visit.  

I then turned Lily up the road going past Edna's house.  I had promised her that this time we would leave no deposit for them to clean up.

Lily hadn't heard that conversation, and as we passed by the house, I'm sure she dropped some apples in exactly the same spot as before.  Edna was off getting her grandchildren and would be sure to know by the evidence that we had been there.

Sorry, Edna!

Fall splendor is on its way, and the ride home on this beautiful September afternoon was breath-taking and relaxing.  Lily settled into a brisk walk, and I kept my eye out for photos to snap.  

If blogger allows me, I'll post a sampling of the scenes below. 

And, if the weather holds for the next several weeks, I'm anticipating several similar adventures.
If I visit Edna's place again, I'll bring along a shovel.

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Word Tosser said...

no shovel...but stuff a couple of Yoke's grocery bags in your pockets..