Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday memories

A good farrier bought time for Chris.

Chris is in his mid-20s, and he's had foot problems. He tends to founder, and there have been a couple of times over the past few years that his feet have become so tender that he could hardly move.

During the last few weeks, the problem has returned, worse than ever.  My sister Laurie has shed a lot of tears, thinking of the inevitable.  

She's also exhausted all means to get Chris back on track---pain medications, vet visits, etc.

It was a last-ditch effort, so to speak, when my sisters' farrier Tom Selberg did some research and some talking to other experts and said he'd do some specialized shoeing to see if Chris could ever walk again without pain.

I don't know the exact details, but there's fiberglass, pads and backward shoes involved.  He did the shoeing a couple of weeks ago.
Yesterday when we came for a visit Laurie was trying to keep up with Chris as he was walking across the grass from the barn.  And, Laurie had a big smile on her face, especially because she's been able to cut the medication to nearly nothing. 
Chris was Laurie's Western Pleasure horse; he amassed many a championship in Arabian and open show rings during his career.  And, he's even provided some wins for a neighbor girl down the road.  Plus, he's a sweetheart and part of the family.  

So, Chris has received the utmost care and love possible. 

This story has another chapter and a happy ending to the chapter.  Let's hope for lots more side-by-side walks for Chris and Laurie. 

Seeing Chris walking so well was one of the highlights during a drive I took with Mother.  We went out to Hope and had some Schwan's Golden Nugget bars purchased from the RV park office.  We also spent some time looking at flowers and garden stuff at my house.

It was a great Sunday afternoon for a drive along the north end of beautiful Lake Pend Oreille.

Later, Bill and I drove up to Western Pleasure where the parking lot was jam-packed with folks attending the Conservation Celebration, put on by the Clark Fork-Pend Oreille Conservancy.

This was also the weekend for the Hoffine family reunion at Western Pleasure.  Virginia Wood is a Hoffine, and some of her siblings were still there last night during the conservation festivities.  It was fun to meet them.
Virginia said Saturday night's family party included more than 80 people at the lodge.

During the Conservation Celebration, which included abundant hors d'oeurves and a sumptuous meal of ribs, chicken, potatoes, salad and cake, thousands of dollars poured into the Clark Fork-Pend Oreille Conservancy coffers.

Joe Joe Tajan, the auctioneer, was ringing wet by the time he pounded the gavel for the last $3,000 bid.  That was a trip to Maui, purchased by Susie Kubiak. 

In the silent auction, I purchased some Orvis fishing boots and a belt for Bill, only to learn that both the boots and the belt were a bit small.  Bill will probably take them to Coeur d'Alene on his next trip to see if he can exchange them for the correct sizes.

All in all, yesterday was a wonderful September Sunday.
Happy Monday to all.

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