Monday, September 06, 2010

ICE (Idaho Cultural Experience) cont.

It was an evening spent at the Lovestead rather than Green Bay campground.

With weather forecasts indicating great potential for camping misery, the group of Seattle visitors, plus friends from Libby, opted to make Green Bay a day trip and enjoy an indoor picnic for the evening meal.

Later, part of the group took towels and bathing suits for a hot-tubbing experience.

For the feast, the Libby crowd brought freshly harvested chicken, butchered just Saturday, along with some tasty goat cheese.

I think we had 16 or 17 last night, but who's counting?

Anyway, ICE draws to a close today as we all go our separate ways with individual projects and heads filled with wonderful memories of a very special weekend.

Horseback riding and camping at Green Bay will have to wait for ICE 2, but overall, I think this inaugural event went just fine.

Thanks, Annie and all your friends and friends of friends for a great visit and oodles of fun moments.

Happy and safe trails to you all . . . until we meet again.


Jenn said...

Thank you so much for your Idaho-style hospitality. Not only did you welcome Mike and me, but you also opened your doors to Amy and Rob and kids from Libby.

Your farm is so peaceful - your family, animals and the land provided JUST the rejuvenation we needed. We didn't tell you but Mike and I had quite a rough week last week: so draining and icky that we almost did not attend the Idaho Cultural Experience at all. It was a really good thing we changed our mind.

Now, we are proud members of The Lodgepole Society.

MLove said...


Welcome to the Lodgepole Society. Sorry I could not be there for your induction.

Just letting you know how much we enjoyed meeting you, participating in some of the activities and watching a group of wonderful people enjoying each other and this area we all love so much.

Thank you for coming. Looking forward to seeing you again in Idaho.

And, I do hope the experience made up for the unfortunate situation you dealt with last week.


Jenn said...

I made cole slaw today with red cabbage from your garden. Yum! I never made cole slaw before.