Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Twitterthosemice

Was I talking when I should have been listening?  I know that's a rarity for me, but it's possible I could have been talking when Tom Sherry told us to expect an all-out rip-roaring ballistic blitz from the sky last night. 

Did Tom predict that, or did he tell us the yuck weather was gonna get better?  I must have been distracted because when that lightning, thunder and complete spray wash doused out any plans to spend time outside last night, I was totally shocked.  

Well, I could have been totally shocked if I'd been out there standing in it.  The storm resembled some of those Shakespeare used to talk about when someone important was going to die in England, Scotland, Denmark or Rome.

The storm came on so fast I didn't even have warning to round up the animals, and Old Annie Dog "went" missing, as they say.  The rain was slapping so hard, the lightning was striking so violently and the thunder booming so loud that one dared not go out in it. Furthermore, we missed our burned-out yard light even more than ever. 

Without the light, the darkness outside was more than pervasive.  You couldn't see past your nose, and if your nose had been out there, you would have been struck down dead, for sure.

I went into the shop next to the garage where the cats stay and saw a river running under the door and flowing quickly along the east wall.  Three cats were there; Lonesome was missing.  Turned out he was hiding where I couldn't see him somewhere in the shop.

The rain and lightning and thunder continued, much longer than anticipated.  Where was Storm Tracker 2 last night?  Why wasn't the obnoxious banner constantly streaming across the screen telling us we had a storm?

Maybe it was cuz we really did have a storm, unlike the many other times that banner has streamed and streamed only to have the weather outside be totally delightful.

Long story short, it sure was a doozy last night, and the wet stuff didn't let up much throughout the night.  

I worried about Annie Dog but hoped she had found some place to hide.  After all, we could have gone out there trying to call her, but Annie's pretty deaf.

I ran out once before going to bed and opened the barn door, hoping she would wander in.  She was not in there this morning, but upon a further search, I found her curled up comfortably in a safe spot inside machine shed at the end of the lane.

Looks like the storm has finally passed, and, according to the weather reports, we're supposed to have some dry days ahead.  Considering some of the past prognostications, I'll believe it when I see it. 

In the "They're back . . . " category, I spoke of transitions yesterday.  Well, I was not aware at the time, that signs of another transition had shown up---in the garage cabinets.  Yup, the signs were there:  ripped up bits of paper and little black turds.  

Of Mice and Misery has returned to the Lovestead, and I'm guessing it has started at almost the same time we first witnessed the invasion last year.  This year, we've got the full arsenal ready.  And, I think we're going to need it.

Yesterday I started with one trap, dabbing it with peanut butter and carefully putting it in place on one of the cabinet shelves.  Later, I checked.

I've since learned that these are smart mice.  The peanut butter was licked clean but no dead mouse.

So, I reloaded.  Later, I told Bill they had returned.  He had brought home a package of new traps.  When we went to bed last night, three traps sat on that shelf.

This morning when I walked by and checked, the first trap was once again missing its peanut butter.  I commented about it to Bill. 

That's when he told me that two of the three had yielded carnage and he had already disposed of it earlier. Those two traps are reloaded, and I guessing it's best to save the peanut butter for them instead my old-style trap.  

Apparently mice have been doing laboratory studies on old-style traps, and, after all that intense research,  they know how to eat and run.

Fun and games.  I'm hoping all the aluminum foil I stuffed in every nook and cranny last fall will keep them out of the house.  In the meantime, I'll be checking those drawers and checking them twice, always hoping to see no mice. 

It was good to have the new TV shows start airing last night.  I watched most of "Dancing with the Stars."  It looks like they will have some excellent competition this year. 

The Breakfast Boys on K102.5 were doing their "Dancing with the Stars" commentary this morning, noting that there were a lot of "friendly fingers" at work on women's bodies as some couples stood waiting for their comments from the judges.

Maybe that's the key to receiving bad news.  Get someone to fondle you while you're digesting the information.  Then, maybe you'll find it more palatable.  

Guess that's enough commentary here.  Time for these friendly fingers of mine to quit fondling the keyboard and go find some work to do.  I wonder if there are any more mice corpses to fling.
Happy Tuesday


Word Tosser said...

You didn't miss a thing from Tom, because I too say that weather report.... and the first I knew of the storm was when the thunder and lighting crashed around our house, raising me off the couch... I love watching a storm, so it was great...and I noticed that the rain was coming on so fast, and the wind with it, that is was in waves as it went down the paved street....

Word Tosser said...

that is SAW not say that weather report...sorry