Sunday, October 31, 2010

And, the other young lady in our "Love Life," had fun yesterday too, only no trickery or masks here.

Just a happy pair, enjoying a lesson together.

Debbie and Lefty----and aren't those tamarack in the background beautiful?

Debbie took her first lesson yesterday from my sister Laurie.
After riding Lefty Wednesday night for the first time since his return from training, Laurie deemed him safe enough for Debbie to take a lesson.  

So, after arriving at the Colburn Ranch yesterday afternoon, Debbie started with the basics---grooming, tacking and lunging.  Laurie warmed Lefty up.  Then, Debbie climbed aboard.

By the end of the lesson, she was catching on to the right cues to keep Lefty in forward gear at both the walk and the trot.  

At lesson's end, Debbie said, "When are we gonna do this again?"

It was a successful session for all concerned.  I have come to the conclusion that Lefty is the most patient and cooperative horse I've ever known.  Definitely a gem with a great future.

And, good times ahead for Debbie or anyone who rides him. 


Finally, Happy Halloween to all.  

I guess we'll get trick or treaters tonight cuz nobody showed up yesterday. 

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