Sunday, October 17, 2010

Freeze Frames


We had a visitor last night.  The thick frost from a cold, cold night told me so. 

While walking to the barn this morning in semi darkness, I could make out fresh horse tracks headed that way.  None of our horses have been on that pathway for several days.

I didn't think too much of the tracks at first,  except that if those were Lily's from the other day, she sure did leave an impression. 

Later, while walking out to get the paper, I could see more tracks, both going and coming.  Some led me toward the north lawn.  There in the frosty grass they showed up all over the place.  Good thing the electric fence around the barnyard was working during the night or we may have had some squabbling.

I followed the tracks and found some also leading to the lawn on the other side of the driveway.  Mystery horse must have had enough of Lily and Heather because there was no sign of any extras around the place when I did the morning chores.

It will be interesting to see if we ever learn where the visitor lives and if it made its way home okay.  Maybe the visitor was the headless horseman, seeing all those pumpkins in the yard and doing a dry run before Halloween.

We also have a mystery and the possibility of some visitor in the cats' residence----the shop off the north side of the house.  Yesterday I discovered a several little pools of blood on the cement floor and blood spattered all over a pillow where the cats often sleep. 

I did a body check of all four felines and found nothing.  My only thought is that a bird or mouse particularly endowed with a good supply of hemoglobin met its end after being twirled around a time or two by its executioner.  Don't know if we'll ever figure that mystery out either.

Anyway, it's cold here this morning, but slowly preparations for more frigid weather are getting completed.  Yesterday's project involved nailing up a tarp on the inside of the barn over a never-used barn door.  I've discovered through our ample oppotunities for observation that when it rains, waterfalls come cascading through the roller mechanism where the door opens and shuts.

Enough wet bales of hay (already covered by tarps inside my barn), I decided. I'm hoping this solution will take care of the problem and even keep the barn a little warmer.  I also bought pallets yesterday for stacking the prime hay purchased from a Bonners Ferry producer. 

Still lots to do to get ready for the long winter months ahead, but progress is occurring.

Another gorgeous day lies ahead, and it's possible that we might go on a trail ride this afternoon.  Of course, I'll have to pop a couple of Advil and pray that I can get my Western boots on.

Yesterday morning Lily did a number on my ankle.  Something along the lane caused her to spook---sideways.  Her front hoof and shoe hit the point of my right ankle head-on.  The only comparison I can make to convey the excruciating pain is to imagine having your crazy bone hit by a ballpeen hammer.

I don't think anything's broken but there's more than enough soreness and some swelling.  The good news is that my limp from yesterday is almost gone. 

This will not stop me from enjoying another ride through the countryside to take in the fall colors and to enjoy what I love doing more than anything. 

Happy Sunday.

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