Saturday, October 09, 2010

Saturday Slight and the Big Spud

So you grow a big potato.

This one came from my manure-pile garden, by the way.

What are your options?

Well, last night Debbie came up with one option when she pulled out her camera phone and snapped a photo of the book and the spud.

At that moment, it occurred to me:  do a little advertising, especially if your potatoland book happens to be sitting next to your big potato.

And, especially if the potatoland book has spud recipes included-----a quick note of that one recipe with the big potato error in it.

Terri Albertson's recipe calls for THREE bags of hash browns, not THIRTEEN as mistakenly noted by the book's publisher.

Anyway, I wanted to show off my big potato, so advertising the potatoland book seemed like a good idea. So, this morning I organized a photo shoot in the living room.  Both book and spud performed well. 

Now that I've advertised the book, I must decide the most efficient use for this spud lunker.

I'm thinking it could either feed a family of five for one meal or we could chop off pieces for five nights to be fried, mashed or baked. Each night we could be eating our dinner and remarking, "That was sure one big potato." And, for years after we can talk about the big potato of 2010.

Another option: hashbrowns, maybe even enough to satisfy Terri's recipe.

Whatever the future of this fine spud, I doubt I'm proud to show it off.

And, of course, you can find the book at


That book and Pocket Girdles are now at Sharon's Country Store north of Bonners Ferry. And, I found yesterday that Sharon has a website detailing the offerings in her well-stocked and impressive store. You can learn more about the place at

And speaking of fun stores, Bill and I extend big thank you's to the Ice I visitors who sent us the card and the boxful of Trader Joe goodies from Seattle.  I'm figuring that Jenn picked out the olive oil, and I won't even hazard a guess on who picked out the roll of toilet paper. 

Bill was delighted with the geocache container, and I pigged out on the English toffee.  The cookies are disappearing, and I think Bill has been in to at least one of the nut cases.

Thank you so much, all of you.  We are looking forward to ICE II,  and we think you need to consider a weekend at Western Pleasure Guest Ranch next year, which is owned by a bunch of geocaching junkies.  

We'll talk about it, but I'm betting that would be a fun weekend for all.

In the meantime, our memories of Labor Day weekend and our visitors are fond.  Now, you've only sweetened them up even more.  Thank you.


We have rain scheduled this weekend.  I'm not using the word "forecast" anymore because the forecasts are not always accurate, so it's best to be proactive and just figure it's on the schedule.  Only 90 percent tomorrow.  That sounds like a good day to go watch the newly released movie Secretariat

After reading Seabiscuit (one of my most favorite books ever) and seeing the movie, the bar is pretty high for this movie.  

Definitely a good plan, though, for a wet day. 


Guess that's all for now.  Have a wonderful Saturday.  I'm headed out to enjoy whatever dry weather we have today.


Linda Lewis said...

I's MY diet and I say it's a SMALL potato!

Jenn said...

Western Pleasure Guest Ranch, eh? Hm!