Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Slight from Selle Valley

Hard to beat a scene like this.

This shot taken yesterday afternoon at the curve on Selle Road had to go on the blog today for my friend Janet who lives on the west side of the mountains----she and Squat Bod, that is!

She comes to visit this place quite often.  
The farm has sold this past year, and a family who loves Clydesdales has purchased the spread.  They also know how to build a nice fence. 

Anyway, the car came to a quick stop when I saw this scene on Hickey Road, and four doggies inside were told to stay as I climbed out with my camera.  

I took several shots while marveling at the beautiful horses and that impressive fence.  
The horses became a bit curious and came my way but not close enough for a few nose pets.

Had that happened, I may have been standing there all afternoon.

My original intent was to take the dogs to a spot at the end of Rapid Lightning Creek Road to snap shots of the colors in a huge aspen grove we had seen a month ago when Debbie and I drove up there.

While waiting for coffee to brew at the Pack River General Store, I learned that the area where I planned to go was filled with hunters, so I decided to limit my picture taking to the Selle Valley.

With a good camera and a lot of time, one could produce a fine coffee-table book of the Selle area alone.  So many esthetic, wonderful scenes all throughout the year.

Anyway, I must have stopped the car almost ten times to get out and shoot scenery and not wildlife. 

October 15 seems to be the height of fall around here.  I still don't think we're experiencing the spectacular colors we've seen some years, but after last year's drought of color, the 2010 show is good enough.

If blogger's good to me this morning, I'll put up a few of my photos.  I still want to make it up to that aspen grove, but I'll do it dressed in solid orange. 

Happy Saturday.


Toni said...

Ronnie said there was an elk trapped in there one day last week when he was walking. He was let out, not to worry.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the picture. The horses weren't there yet when I was there in August. Can't wait to see them in person.