Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Slight

No rain yet.  I'm surprised.  Usually when rain is predicted, rain comes ahead of schedule.  So, I'll take this anomaly in surefire bad weather forecasts.  I don't know how long we'll luck out with no rain, but I'm ready for it.

There's a ton-plus of "dessert" hay stacked in the barn.  I hauled the hay from Paradise Valley yesterday.  Jim packed the pickup with 30 bales.  I was expecting to maybe get 20.  A professional hay man knows how to do things efficiently, though.

He wouldn't let me lift a finger, saying this is some exercise he enjoys.  He says sitting in the tractor putting up all those tons of premium hay doesn't give him much physical work, so he likes loading up for his customers.  

After a nice visit with Jim and Deb, the dogs and I headed out.  I noticed right away that the bales stuck out enough that I had no visibility for what was behind me, so the drive down the highway was a bit nerve-wracking.  

Once I lost a bale off a load.  Thankfully it fell off and rolled off the highway.  So, extreme caution ruled my trip home and some prayer.  I was praying that no bales would fall off and that I would not have to make any sudden moves.  

I was also praying that the drivers who had to stick behind me weren't hating me too badly.  When I turned off HWY 95 to Center Valley Road, I knew there might have been some complaining.  No fewer than ten rigs sped up and took the fast lane down the highway.  

I didn't see any middle fingers or hear any honks so they went easy on me.

The bales are now stacked in the barn for winter feeding.  Each horse will get one flake per feeding along with the regular hay.  And, that should be more than enough cuz this is rich, beautiful hay.  I have my friend Howard to thank for putting me on to Jim and Debbie.  

Howard's been buying hay from them for the past few years and always buying at least an extra ton to sell to me.  He decided this year to eliminate the middle man and let me go direct.  I appreciate Howard and Jim and Debbie.  All good people who know good hay.

A couple of flakes of that hay are hanging in a bag inside the horse trailer.  They should keep Lefty occupied on his trip home from Spokane today.  He's completed his month's worth of "middle school," and he's ready for me to ride now.  

I'm hoping for no more free rides on the saddle horn.  Today Monty will put me through a lesson so I know all the cues to get Lefty into gear.  Monty says he's done very well and has shown no problems.  

That convinces me even more that the saddle-horn ride was inspired by the oncoming lightning and thunderstorm that rolled over the mountain shortly after Lefty and I experienced our bad session in the round pen.

Whatever the case, I've been enjoying my share of sore spots, thanks to horses.  You'd think I'd learn to find another safer hobby, but Brooks and Dunn have it right when they sing "Cowgirls don't cry."  They just hurt a lot and get back on for more. 

Lefty will have his culinary delight once we load him up, but before we pick up Lefty, we're stopping at Chaps, the restaurant near the equestrian center turn-off.  My friend Helen sent word that Chaps has been visited recently by Guy Fieri, the host of "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives."  

His visit to Chaps will be aired on the Food Network, Monday, Nov. 1.  "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" is one of Bill's favorite programs cuz Bill likes food.

As a reward for driving in to pick up Lefty, I promised Bill a treat at Chaps.  And, after I mentioned this stop to Monty, he picked up a couple of menus yesterday and sent me some suggestions.  

On Saturdays, diners at Chaps can enjoy both breakfast and lunch.  Monty highly recommends the meat lovers scramble with half order of biscuits (to die for, he says) and grilled potatoes.   He also says the Chaps sirloin burger with bleu cheese butter is spectacular.  

"The burger is seasoned especially well and comes with avocado, onion, tomato and lettuce," he wrote. "Have potatoes with it!"   Monty also recommends the Southwest chicken and the chicken quesadilla (with everything).  He says he doesn't normally like the "Monte" Cristo sandwich (why not, Monty?), but theirs looks spectacular.

I'm getting hungry just typing all this stuff.  It will be a tough decision once we arrive there, but I'm sure whatever we have will be a diner's delight. 

Gotta shut up and get ready to get on the road to pick up our Lefty. 

Happy Saturday.

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