Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Over the Mountain and through the Woods to My Sisters' House We'll Go

Thanksgiving:  a Predicted Chronology

Finish last-minute house projects
Wash and dry hair

Drive toward Spokane by mid-afternoon

Stop at Costco

Pick up coffee, macadamia nut chocolates for Bill, bottles of wine, other essentials and a double iced mocha latte to go

Drive to Cabela's

Pick up another pair of lined jeans (for downtown wear), two or three pair of  longer warm socks, maybe some gifts

Drive to airport early enough for ample people watching

Hug Annie when she arrives

Dine at O'Doherty's

Turn car over to Annie

Stop at grocery store in Sandpoint for Annie's essentials:  diet Pepsi and Tostino's pizzas

Arrive home

Stand around kitchen island, talking and feeding on goodies

Go to bed . . . maybe read some more of that wonderful Laura Hillenbrand book.   The best!

Get up

Do morning chores

Get turkey-day food assignments ready to go

Read some more
Go for walks; take pictures

Put animals to bed for a long winter's night

Head to Colburn and gather with family

Visit/ watch TV while piecing on pickles and olives (always my food of choice beFORE big dinners).

Take pictures

Sit down to dinner where Bill always says "Grace." 

Savor each heavenly bite of turkey, stuffing, potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, celery, green beans, cranberries, etc.

Salute the cooks/hostesses---Barbara and Laurie

Help clean up

Slump in the most comfortable spot available

Try to stay awake

Eat pie and topping

Load up, head home


Another Thankgsiving and another time to be grateful for all our blessings.  

May it be a good day for all.  Drive carefully.  Stay warm. 

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