Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Twitterdeedum

Hard to imagine that columbine, petunias and carrots were thriving in our antique manure spread just weeks ago.  

Some carrots are still there as are the columbine, snoozing for the winter.

I took this photo Sunday when a Facebook friend from San Diego requested photos of the snow.

Lucky for those folks, they don't have to shovel photos.  They can just look at the beauty in the image and later rejoice as they step outside in shorts and T-shirts.

I'm planning to take a photo from the same angle tomorrow morning because our second major snowstorm of this young winter/old fall has begun.  

They're telling us to expect it to continue through tomorrow morning.

I'm still enjoying it, even the shoveling and maybe even some plowing this afternoon.  Bill won't get home until late, so it might be nice to move the first installment in preparation for another plow job in the morning.


The snow may create havoc with Willie's debut as a high school basketball coach tonight.  He's working with the Bulldog JV squad and having fun.

I believe that this may be the realization of a longheld dream for Willie who loves sport AND especially basketball.  

Let's hope the weather doesn't stall the dream. 

He's living yet another dream this weekend.  Last night he called to tell us that the San Jose Mercury News had contacted him to cover Saturday's Idaho-San Jose State football game. 

Of course, he let them know that he'd like copies to add to his portfolio.  If all goes right, the "William Love" byline will appear in sports sections from Nampa, Idaho Falls, Spokane and San Jose.

Pretty cool, if you ask me.
While on the subject of sports, I have to comment on the ugliness I've heard in regard to Boise State's loss Friday night to Nevada.

It has to do with fans who don't deserve the title of "fans."  

"Morons" might be a better tag, especially when they strike up dialogue on social networks, imploring people to spit on Kyle Brotzman, the Boise State kicker who missed two field goals in the hard-fought game.

There's much worse to be told, but I'll spare the details except to report that he and his family have incurred nothing less than maniacal wrath ever since Friday night's game. 

Boise State had a bad night, and their problems in this tough loss included much more than their kicker's misses.  

Anyone with a sensible brain would realize that for the Broncos to be in the position of "needing a field goal" to win already indicated things have not gone so well for a team accustomed to playing the role of juggernaut.

Other mistakes were made---why haven't those players received similar treatment?

We were all disappointed as we watched this giant loss unfold during the entire second half of the game. We also felt nothing but empathy for this young man and couldn't believe the ugly comments that followed on Facebook. 

Giants inevitably will fall.  That's what happened to Boise State, a team known for its finesse, its well-distributed talent and its class.  

Seems like it would be nice if these rabid fans would follow the example of their Broncos, but maybe that's just to civil in today's society. 

To Kyle Brotzman and to the Boise State Broncos, we thank you for providing this family of adoring fans so many hours over the past few years of entertainment, excitement and pride.  

Go Broncos---you're winners regardless of the final score.

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