Sunday, December 05, 2010

Winter Wonder--ful

Half-dressed: could we say these sheds got caught with their pants down?

I don't know if that's appropriate, but they do provide a little sense of winter art.

And, yesterday was an artful day for sure.

Moods were high; outdoor ecstasy invited upbeat talk.

The beauty also kept me traveling in and out the door all day long, except to watch some sports action.

Let's say time spent watching the Gonzaga game would have been better spent outdoors.

It looks like it will be a "building" year for Mark Few---especially teamwork.

We won't give up on the ZAGS because of their losses, but we also won't be holding our breath about their NCAA tournament hopes.

Some years are like that in any situation where a team has to work together for a common cause; things just take a while to jell.

On the Vandal football front, Bill slept in this morning after his trip to Moscow with Willie to watch Akey's Army. 

Seems technology was not playing teamwork for Willie as he spent hours trying to file his stories to the four different newspapers.  Frustration set in, but finally all stories reached their destination. 

Bill said he and Willie and one staff member were the last people left in the Kibbie Dome after the game.  After grabbing some dinner, they pulled out of Moscow after 11 p.m.  Bill arrived home at 2, so I guess he was entitled to a few extra winks this morning.

Our Broncos rebounded in Boise with a convincing win, so that made me happy. 

I was wishing the Cougs could pull off a win yesterday, but they came up one touchdown shy.  Still, it looks like they put in a great effort against the Huskies.

Another beautiful day awaits, so I'll call this good and post a few more photos from yesterday below.

Happy Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

We cheered double at the Gonzaga game - but, alas, it didn't help.
Always fun to see them in person though.