Thursday, May 26, 2011

This raindrop and That raindrop Thursday

I remember about this time last year on an evening when some friends were here visiting, one of them commented that we hadn't even gotten to enjoy the longer days. 

The days seemed shorter because it was so dark and gloomy.  Well, here we go again!

It's a wet, dark day out there this morning, and I didn't even see any ducks on my quick trip to turn the horses out to their pasture.

Those same lakes around the place,  which had all but disappeared,  are quickly filling to the brim and then some on this rainy morning. Bill says we have 3/4 of an inch coming today.

It's definitely a day for curling up and maybe even going back to bed to sleep it off.

This is also my hairdresser Kelly's last day of work ever.  She's retiring.  They're having a party for her down at the salon, and they're welcoming her replacement.

Her replacement's name did not mean anything to me when Kelly told me to contact her during my last bi-monthly zap.  Hairdressers call it a weave. 

One day while I was visiting the Bridge for Assisted Living, and Sally McLaughlin walked by. 

I've known her and her brother since the 1980s when they attended Sandpoint High School.  Most everyone in town used to know her mother Pat well.  She was the enthusiastic dynamo who managed the Bonner Mall.

Anyway, Sally told me that she was the new hairdresser at The Bridge.  That's when I learned she is also Kelly's replacement at Hair Tenders.

Talk about a relief! 

There's something to be said about knowing the person working on one of your most defining aspects.  And, I was thrilled to learn that Sally would be the next in a line of fine folks who have given my hair a more "youthful" look over the past several years. 

A rainy day makes a good one for saying good bye down at the salon and welcoming Sally.  She'll be performing her first zap on my head next week, and Kelly tells me she does a great weave.

Today is also Italian-bread day down at Miller's Country Store.  I bought a loaf of honey-wheat bread yesterday and made plans to return again today. 

Their Italian bread is so good that I could make a meal on it.  In fact, I've  come close to doing that a time or two.

Probably better get there early cuz the rain will bring crowds to a good bakery.  The Miller's crew also bake their cherry and apricot pies on Thursdays too. 

Yesterday another customer and I discussed those pies and agreed that the cherry pie is especially good because of its big, plentiful, slightly tart cherries---as opposed to a bunch of gelatin filling.

The more I write about their better-than-wonderful goodies, the sooner I think I'd better get down there before the crowds.  Rainy days bring on thoughts of good food, ya know. 

I bought a scrapbook yesterday and may get started on it during this rain spell.  Mother had a printed collection of my blog postings from Ireland, so I asked her if I could put them in a scrapbook along with some of the other memorabilia that still sits in a bag.

Seems like these days the digital mode gets in the way of our having something tangible to hold on to, and I keep worrying about down the road a ways whether or not we will still be able to access the tons of stuff we've stored on the Web.

So, the scrapbook project seems well worth the effort---to have something in hand rather than simply on a screen. 

It will be both valuable and fun, putting it together and reflecting on a wonderful lifetime experience.


Guess that's enough yakking for now.  Have a wonderful Thursday.  Stay dry.


Patsy said...

So do you have artificial hair added in to make your hair thicker or longer ? I always thought that was what a "weave " was.

MLove said...

Hmmm. Maybe it's something that sounds like a "weave." Anyway, I'd never heard the term and was always quite happy to call it a "zap." No artificial hair---just yet, anyway.