Thursday, March 01, 2012


When I made the comment that the overnight snow pack this morning was the deepest of the winter, Bill said, "Yeah, while you've been here." 
Then I remembered his report of 16 inches on Saturday night.
"That means we've had about two feet in the past few days," I said.
"Yup," he said.
Welcome to March when the snow in North Idaho is "Piled Higher and Deeper" than it's been all winter.  Hence, PHaD.
I can't even imagine what the PHaD report is up at Schweitzer.  All I know is that their ear-to-ear grins must be extending clear around the staff's necks.
More snow and the revelation yesterday that Schweitzer Mountain Resort was listed by CNN as one of the most underrated ski resorts IN THE WORLD.  Not the West, not the United States, not North America . . . but the WORLD.
So this morning's overnight deposit of white, fluffy flakes just adds more frosting to the cake. 
As I continue to research my article about Sam Wormington, Schweitzer's first manager back in 1963, all I've got to say is "Who da thunk it way back when?"  
Congratulations to all the people along the way who have developed one of our local jewels into what it is today. 
Sam must be smiling.

A good night's sleep.  Now, that was needed and that was nice.  I think I'd drifted into Never Neverland by 8:05 last night, and I slept straight through the night.
With several nights in the last week averaging 3-4 hours of sleep, I think my body had said, "Enough."
So, this new day in this new month looks just fine.  I can deal with the snow because several indoor projects will get attention----one of them: planting tomato seed. 
Bill did a nice job keeping my baby geraniums flourishing in my absence.  The plants have a mini geranium look now, and they seem to be well on their way to maturing enough by May to transplant around the place---all 26 of them.
I have a few more seeds left and will plant them today also. 

With a clearer brain this morning, I've been thinking of the fun moments on our action-packed trip. 
Probably the highlight was the chance meeting with Samantha who bought our breakfast at Panera.  I have promised her a set of my books and am hoping she will check back with me somehow.
Sunday morning I found her address in my backpack.  Then, I think I left it in the hotel.  So, I'm on a mission to reconnect with this young lady.  I hope my blog readers have had a chance to read the comments posted by Samantha's mother.
She seems to truly be an angel on earth, of which, thankfully,  there are many. 
My meeting with Chris Fellers on the plane from Phoenix to Palm Springs was a great experience too.  
His association with folks I know in the neighborhood was pretty cool, but what impressed me the most was his general attitude of deep appreciation for the opportunities he's had in life and for his parents.
Chris told me he feels honored to be following their footsteps in the show jumping world.  His admiration for them was clearly tangible. 
I hope I see him again some day when he passes through Sandpoint.
Another moment I won't forget amidst the seediness along the Las Vegas strip was the magnificent fountain show in front of the Bellagio resort. 
During our time there, the fountain jets sprayed in synch with "Simple Gifts."  It was truly magical. 
I also loved riding with Annie through the desert.  Granted trips through that area on a weekly basis could get a bit boring.  Nonetheless, one's first-ever view of wide expanses of open space with roads going on seemingly forever is definitely an awesome experience.
As always, it was fun traveling with Annie.  It was also a button-popping experience as Joe and Mow got re-acquainted with the 30-something young lady whom they hadn't seen since she was a teen.
Joe is still proud to have played a part in her golfing evolution.  Joe took Bill golfing for his very first time.  Then, the family got into golfing.  Then, Annie joined the high school golf team and went to state every year.
One night after Annie left, we watched home movies (put into video) from Joe Tobin's  family back in the early 1930s.  
I loved watching the scenes of Joe as a young boy opening all those presents and Joe as a young boy, dressed like Tom Mix, riding his pretty pinto pony and doing quite well. 
Someone in the family rode five-gaited horses. Several scenes of these beautiful horses performing exquisitely at the rack were as impressive as any I'd ever seen.  
Visiting with Mow's friends at the country club, having lunch with Mow's friends, listening as Mow showed me the sights of Palm Springs and Palm Desert . . . so many good memories, too many to note but wonderful enough to keep my mind going for some time.
It was a great trip, and I'm glad I went.
I'm always happy to come home, though, and very thankful that my husband took good care of all the critters and the house while I was gone.
I'm a pretty lucky soul, to say the least. 

Happy Thursday.  Happy March. Let the Madness begin as the NCAA teams vie for positions in the BIG DANCE.  GO ZAGS!

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