Friday, November 23, 2012

Thumbs-up Thanksgiving

Mother Tibbs leads the thumbs-uppers:  Marianne, Bill, Annie, Debbie, Willie, Jim and Dani

Annie actually has a blog called "Thumbs-up around the World."  As a frequent traveler, she likes to do the thumbs-up photos for special places and moments she has experienced.

Well, we had several thumbs-up moments yesterday---from a dry, pleasant day to the local Turkey Trot to a great visit with Mother, to a phenmomenal feast at Barbara and Laurie's and finally, a hard-fought victory by the ZAGS over their toughest opponent yet this season, Clemson.

We took time for an Annie-inspired thumbs-up photo just after Jim and Dani arrived in Sandpoint but unfortunately after Barbara and Laurie went home to tend the turkey.

Mother kept us laughing with her one-line zingers and definitely made Annie proud while holding her thumb up for the photo.

It's an understatement to say this was definitely a "Kodak moment."  

I notice I'm running a little late at my blog assignment on this Black Friday morning.   I can tell you, though, that I'm not in a big hurry cuz Black Friday sales are the last place you'll see me these days.  

Age has done something to my desire to fight my way through crowds.  So, hanging around here, enjoying family, watching more ZAGS later today are pretty much the agenda.

I'll also take the 4-wheeler and a garbage bag down the road to pick up the glut of beer cans we seem to have acquired along our ditches on the "back road to the dump."  

I have thoughts about that, but it's a nice day, and I'm gonna stay positive.  Besides, it will be fun to be out there in the fresh air, knowing that for at least a few hours, the ditches here in our beautiful rural neighborhood may remain empty of garbage. 

So, a few more picture postings, and it's off to enjoy this Friday.  Hope everyone's shopping desires are fulfilled and that our ZAGS keep up their winning ways in the Orlando tournament.


Willie, Annie, just barely Debbie from behind Annie and our family friend Kelsi getting ready to trot in yesterday's fun run.
Laurie and Barbara enjoy a laugh while visiting with Mother.  Besides cooking the turkey, my sisters spent some quality time the night before, assembling these Thanksgiving dinner favors.

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