Sunday, December 09, 2012

A Zhivago Landscape

It's 14 degrees.   

Layers of white mist filtered out the clarity of many morning views as I carefully chose my steps along ice-riddled roads this morning. 

Yesterday's promised view of the magical multi-colored scene at the Lovestead as seen from Selle Road, today would have disappointed any tourist driving by to see the sight.

Only a hint of color could be detected amidst the white as I walked and turned to look at my twinkle-light color show, which this morning included yet another string of lights and a 30-inch lit-up buck deer. 

As I crunched on down our road, heading home, anxious to grab the morning papers, my mind traveled back in time to a Christmas or Thanksgiving Day when we ate our holiday dinner and then went to the Panida Theater to watch the much-acclaimed Dr. Zhivago.

My recollection of Images of cold, crystalline beauty from that movie reminded me of this morning's nature show. 

I could almost envision a beautiful sleigh with jingle bells appearing out of nowhere in the road to the north. 

"Somewhere My Love" swirled  about in my mind, tempting me to attempt a line from the beautiful theme song in acknowledgement of this cold, still and silent morning.

But such a sound was not necessary, nor would it be welcomed by any ears, human or critter.  

Besides, my tuneless cacophony would compete with the howl of coyotes suddenly wafting across the Selle Valley from off toward Brian Wood's place.

Selle does not need my singing, I thought while approaching the paper boxes and pulling out two fat papers---one of which would remind me of last night's sad ZAGS loss to Illinois.

The loss is bearable but not pleasant.  ZAGS will move on to better days, and winter will move on with its daily chapters in the Selle Valley.  

For now, this season's artistic beauty and the scenes around the farm--even snow-covered flying pigs---can soothe a disappointed soul. 

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