Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Twitterdeedum

I pointed my camera lens to the sky several times while outside enjoying yesterday's exquisitely beautiful day.

This shot is looking south on South Center Valley Road near our driveway.  

Although driving and walking are a little tricky with all the ice, our winter scenery more than makes up for the nuisance.  

Today---not so gorgeous but still a nice morning with warmer temperatures.  Maybe some of that ice will melt.

This is Tuesday, the day of "Twitterdeedum," and I decided it was time let folks know that I do truly tweet from time to time on Twitter.  

I do it so infrequently (my "follower" population is pretty minimal); in fact, my tweets have been so far and few between that I had to go into Twitter to see what my address is.

It's "MarianneLove@sellelady," at least that's what I think it is.  So, if you're into tweeting, send me one---I will follow you if you will follow me.

Just more social media fun.

Today I'm consumed with numbers.  Sometimes if we look at the numbers, we may get a clearer sense of progress or reality, especially during winter and during the holiday season.

So, here are a few that have kept my mind calculating.

78----that's how many more calendar days until we THINK winter might close down.  I'm figuring Feb. 28 as the time to start getting excited about a possible spring.  Of course, last year, that was when most of our winter started.

11---Once:  when that number dwindles to zero, we'll be building up the daylight minutes again.

2---the number of cookie batches baked so far.

52---I still have that many more Christmas cards yet to sign and send, at least until I receive some from folks who never usually send us a card.  Seems we can always count on that happening.

82---number of pages left to read in Sandpoint and Sammamish's Scott Wyatt's new fictional release Beyond the Sand Creek Bridge.   

I don't know whether it's a good reflection on me or on Scott or on both---that Marianne Love will finish this 1969 SHS grad's 454-page book in four days---amidst the time spent on all those Christmas cards, cookies, picture taking sessions, etc.  

I'll tell you, though, that I think the ball falls in Scott's court: he has written a compelling story based on the Chinese laborers who built the early railroad through this area.  I can't wait to see how it ends, and I can't wait to see Scott hit the bestseller lists.  

His book is available on Kindle and in paperback.  Check at your local bookstores first, though. 

14--shopping days left.  I'm getting close and trying to cut that to about two. 

10---days left before the world ends.  Hmmm.  That pretty much discounts most of the above.  

Maybe we'll get to just eat all those snickerdoodles and peanut butter cookies cuz we won't have to give out the cookie plates anyhow.   All that money spent on gifts; I do hope the aliens who come after our demise find a few of them and put them to good use.  

And, now that I think about it, the first day of winter comes on the very day the world is supposed to end. That makes me really, really happy cuz it means that I don't have to gripe about lousy weather very much longer. 

Numbers do have a way of putting things in perspective.  I'm glad I took time to reflect on these numbers this morning.  Now, I can approach the day with a whole different attitude.

Throw aside all the "to do's" and enjoy those last ten days!

Happy Tuesday. 

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laurie said...

Your winter photos look like backdrops for beautiful Christmas cards!