Monday, January 14, 2013

A Sunday Drive . . . .

When the Seahawks catch up, pull ahead by one point in the last 31 seconds, only to have Atlanta kick a field goal, it's important to get out of the house and forget about how bad that heart-breaking loss feels.

So, that's precisely what Bill and I did yesterday.  Seahawks were probably still hanging their heads in the lockeroom when we were pulling out of the driveway in the white pickup, headed north and listening to Sirius Radio. 

We considered changing our route when Bill saw blue sky to the south, but when we reached Highway 95, I said, "Let's keep going north.  I see some patches of blue sky."

As we neared Bonners Ferry, the patches stretched throughout the sky with just a few clouds---enough that I asked if we could stop at Three-Mile so I could get a pair of sunglasses.

I'd left mine at home.

Naturally, when I walked out of the convenience store with the new pair of glasses, the sun hid behind a cloud.

It appeared again, though.  

Bill knew I wanted to take some pictures, so we turned off the highway and drove to the bridge crossing the Kootenai River south of Porthill. 

We both knew that the sunshine would be limited, thanks to those tall mountains on the west side of the valley.  That's how it is during the winter up there.

One needs to leave earlier in the day to catch the sun before it hides behind those mountains.

I stepped from the pickup near the bridge and snapped photos quickly, knowing that if I wanted any others along the road, it needed to be a hurry-up operation.

We pulled off to a dirt road leading north and then turned off on Flat Roof Road.  I commented to Bill that I didn't think I'd ever been on Flat Roof Road.  It intersects with Farm to Market Road on the east side of the valley. 

During this leg of the trip, I stepped out for a couple of photos, including that self portrait silhouette above. 

The Farm to Market Road ends at Porthill, the border crossing.  So, we turned east, crossed the highway and drove through the farm country just south of the border.  

Of course, I had to grab a shot showing two countries.  Very little sunlight remained, but a few rays brightened up the beautiful mountains east of Porthill.

Even with the sun disappearing on this cold Sunday afternoon, we enjoyed the rest of the trip, even turning off on a road north of the north hill---neither of us had ever been down that one either.

Sirius Radio is fairly new to us, and I must say it adds whatever flavor desired to a Sunday drive.  In our case, we started out with bluegrass----just to appreciate how FAR I have to go or will not progress with the banjo.  

We both laughed out loud, listening to one folk tune about a suave young man who robbed graves and gave his booty to his girlfriends.  Only problem was:   in one case someone recognized their dead mother's ring which they'd sent with her for her eternal rest.

Later, Bill switched the channel to the '60s music with Cousin Brucie.  Apparently, Cousin Brucie's been around for a long time, but yesterday was our first experience with this sincerest of all deejays. 

Twas a fun trip, topped off by a deli chicken run at Super 1 in Bonners Ferry.  When we arrived home, the chicken and some potato salad I'd purchased earlier in the day came out, and dinner was served. 

I love the Kootenai Valley any time of the year, but trips on cold winter days are expecially fun and BEAUTIFUL.

Happy Monday.   Oh yeah, the Seahawks will live to win a lot more games next year.   Go '49'ers!


Anonymous said...

Cousin Brucie was a deejay at 77 WABC in New York City in the early 1960s...I remember him well...played stuff like "Go Away Little Girl," and "Walk Right In," and all of Leslie Gore's stuff...The BEST Sirius channels are 5 (50s Pop) and Willie's Roadhouse (56, I think). Some people also like Sinatra Jazz, but it puts me to sleep...not a good thing while driving....We're also new to Sirius. Gotta get it for the house.

Anonymous said...


Willie's Roadhouse is fabulous.


Anonymous said...

Sirius radio comes with our Dish satellite. I crank up the 60s when I clean. Nancy and I have talked about the psychological effect, which far outweighs the peppy music. Perhaps it makes us feel young again?

Patsy said...

We get Sirius with our Dish it.