Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Morning After . . . . Speed

Told ya it would be faster.  If you missed the first part of today's posting, you tuned in too late cuz I'm now a speed demon at blog writing.  

Blink, and the half the blog has already gone to a black hole in cyberspace.

I decided to slow it down a bit here at the end by putting some lead weights on my fingers.  

So, mix that with the new upgrade, and maybe there'll be something left for you to read.

I'm quite happy so far with the upgrade and do appreciate the suggestions sent in response to yesterday's posting.  

Dennis Brady, your art is magnificent, and, of course, you get an A+ for following my slight detours.  I appreciated your comment.

To my brother Mike, I was able to view your photographs from Valparaiso with ease.

So, I think I'm a happy camper with the upgrade.  Only problem is having to change my email address, but I can handle that, since I communicate with most folks via Facebook.

Don't worry, Helen, I didn't put the new email address in the first segment.  Haven't decided yet, but that Hotmail address will always work.

My day was tech-filled and "Mike-filled" yesterday, and there was a moment I thought I was losing my mind, but the third Mike unwittingly calmed my concerns.

Besides having my upgrade, my sisters needed some repair work done on their HDTV dish.  Turns out their tech was coming the same day my tech was coming.

So, I was told to hang out at home and wait for a call letting me know when to show up at their house.

A few minutes after my tech left----his name was Adam---I returned a call to my brother Mike.

I made that call on my cell phone.  Then, my land line phone rang.

I walked over to answer it, still talking to my brother Mike.  

"Hi, this is Mike from DirecTV," the voice at the other end said, continuing with some more information.

"Are you still there?" my brother Mike on the cell phone next to my left ear asked.

"Just a minute, Mike," I said, not thinking about the fact that both Mike's were listening.

"What did you say?" I asked Mike, the tech.

"I'm in Moyie and I won't be to your sisters' house until 5," Mike, the tech,  said into my right ear.

"Are you still there?"  Mike, the brother asked from my left ear.

"Yes," I said.  Mike, the tech, probably thought that was a pretty strange answer.

"So you won't be here 'til 5," I said to the land line phone.

I'm sure Mike, the brother thought that was a pretty weird response.

"Good, my sisters will be home by then," I said to Mike, the tech.

Over in my left ear, Mike, the brother, was still trying to figure out what was going on when I swiped my finger across the shut-off valve on the cell phone.

Just as I started explaining to him what was going on, he disappeared.  

Eventually, we got back together on our phones and finished our conversation.

With an open tech-free afternoon, I could go visit my mother after all.  So, I headed to town.

Arriving back home at 2:38 p.m., I saw a message on the answering machine.

"Hello, this is Mike from DirecTV . . . I'm rolling through Sandpoint and can come to your house . . . give me a call," he said to the answering machine.

"What the heck? [edited cuz it was a worse word] I said out loud.  "He said he wasn't coming until 5.  I wonder when he made that call." 

I also wondered if he'd already gone to Barbara and Laurie's house, found nobody there and left."  

Talk about a simple responsibility!  I was failing to carry it out.

I called his number.  Nobody answered, but I left a very pointed message about his call at noon, saying he would not be in town until 5.

"I woulda been there," I said emphatically. 

Then, I called my sister Laurie and told her that Mike, the tech, had called again and was somewhere in the Sandpoint vicinity and possibly I had missed him.

Then, the phone rang again.

"Hello, this is DirecTV," the young lady said.  "We have a tech at your sisters' house, but nobody's home."  

"Really," I thought.  "Wonder why."

"I tried to call him and tell him to call me back," I said to the caller.  "Are there two Mike's, by chance?   A Mike called me at noon and told me he wasn't coming until 5."

"Well, maybe he got his work done sooner," she said.  "When can Mike expect you over at your sisters' house?"

"Ten minutes," I said.  

Well, it turned out to be 15 minutes cuz one of the five dogs had run off, and I had to go retrieve him from busy traffic slithering left and right on a snowy Selle Road before going to meet Mike.

Mike, the tech, was sitting in his van in my sisters' driveway.

"Are there two Mike's who work for DirecTV?" I asked, "or did you call me at noon and tell me you weren't coming until 5?"

Thank God for Mike's.  My high-speed upgrade to total insanity could wait another day.

"As a matter of fact, yes, the other Mike had a busy schedule up there at Moyie," Mike No. 3 explained. "So,  they called me and asked me to come and take care of this job."

"Thank God," I said.  

Turns out the third Mike had experienced a day somewhat like mine----he had driven from Priest River to Ione, only to find that the resident's driveway required an off-road 4-wheel drive vehicle.

The lady at that place was irate cuz she had emphatically told the satellite company  that whoever came to do her repairs HAD to have 4-wheel drive.

In short, my three-Mike, high speed upgrade day was a little crazy, but eventually everything turned out okay for all concerned----'cept that poor lady at Ione. 

Happy Wednesday.  Hope you can read fast enough to enjoy the new speed!


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