Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Welcome, 2013!

Birdies at the Lovestead should start swarming around Preston, the Penguin.  I don't know how long he'll last, but I sure appreciate having him outside our living room window.  Debbie's mom Irene sent us a couple of Prestons for our bird/squirrel watching pleasures.  So, just before the ZAGS PHENOMENAL, HEART-STOPPING game yesterday afternoon, I hung Preston and Debbie snapped the photo through the window.

Looks like we made it.  Yup, we did.  I think it was "lights out" around 9:15 p.m. last night.  I know that I slept soundly until 4:45 a.m. 

I do know that I stayed up long enough to not feel one bit sorry for the Senators who "worked" on New Year's Eve to agree to vote on ways of avoiding the "fiscal cliff."  

Seems we've slipped over the edge a bit, and the House of Representatives now has to throw us a lifeline---maybe today---so we won't fall way down deep into the valley of financial doom and gloom.

Seems also like they'll probably take their time.  After all, what's the hurry?  Leave those millions of poor saps who pay our salaries dangling while we puff up our chests for just a little longer.  

As a teacher, I used to give 65 points max for late papers.  Seems like these folks could get their salaries reduced by 35 percent and 10 percent more for each additional late day. 

I'm not going to spend any more of my time dwelling on fiscal cliffs today.

Instead, I've got to go find my pile of 2013 calendars and start tacking them up around the house----just like all those cheater glasses.  One in every room so I can know what day it is.

I'm also looking ahead toward an outside experience with my sisters and their pups.  We're planning to take the doggies for a walk, where we can walk without sinking into snow and take pictures.  

Seems like a great way to start out the New Year. 

I've also got Schweitzer Mountain Resort on my mind this morning.  Tomorrow I'll be talking with the editor of Schweitzer Magazine about my assignment focusing on our ski area's 50th year of existence.

It should be a challenging but fun assignment, researching the old and new of peeps and facilities associated with the resort's history. 

This year promises some change along with the usual.  In two days I may know a lot more about what it takes to play a banjo.  And, maybe in a few months, plucking on one of my favorite instruments will become a part of life.

My longtime friend Susie/Sky is retiring this year and planning a trip to the Northwest.  I told Susie in October that her visit will inspire me to do more to dress up the Lovestead.  

In October, I'll probably accompany Bill to Las Vegas for the annual Geocoinfest.  His Christmas present involved a few items to make the trip a "must do."  

We may join other family members and friends on Aug. 31 when Boise State takes on the University of Washington in their season opener.  That should be a blast, and if we do, I'll be wearing my bright orange long-sleeved Bronco shirt that arrived in a Christmas present yesterday.

This summer two horses should be rideable and fun.  So, I'm looking forward to the opportunity to take them and friends and family for a few rides.

Lots of good stuff ahead in 2013, and more than likely a lot of work, as usual.  That's okay with me.

On this first day of 2013, I wish the best to all Slight Detour readers for a wonderful year.


And, how 'bout those ZAGS!!!    
13-1 -- ranked 10th in the nation. 
Of course, we've got a few near heart attacks ahead, but maybe---just maybe---we'll watch them play in the Final Four!  Wouldn't that be nice?    

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