Friday, February 08, 2013


The cheeseburger birds have been talking to each other for some time, but this morning's conversation just makes my day as I sit here with a window open.

I can't think of anything that sounds more like spring than the distinctive chant of those little birds.  They hang around most of the winter, but they're pretty quiet until January, it seems.  

One of my Facebook friends posted a picture a couple of days ago,  labeled, "They're back."  She has robins in her yard down near Moscow.

Could be we might see some them soon. 

Robins happen to be the Lovestead territorial bird from early spring to late Fall.  We do have our doves, chickadees, woodpeckers and finches, but when robins show up, they kinda take over the yard. 

Of course, if they do show up soon, they're going to have to do some major pecking deep into the snow to feed on their worms. 

In their favor, the green patches of grass are stretching in size by the day. I don't think I've ever seen the grass SO green.  Maybe it's the contrast with all that snow, yet to melt. 

Another wonderful sign of spring greeted me this morning at the kitchen sink.  About half a dozen geranium seeds have already sprouted and poked their heads out of the soil.  

I was expecting to wait at least two weeks after planting the seeds Sunday.  If I recall correctly, last year's batch got their start upstairs, and they did take the full two weeks to show up.  

The garden window must make a big difference, and it's great to see those little green leaves so soon.  

My greenhouse is ready for some potting soil.  Twas quite a mess as tall, dead weeds from last fall lined the walls, and pots were strewn every which way but loose.

A little time spent the other day, pulling those weeds and tidying up the pots has made the place much more inviting.  

My plan is to fill a bunch of pots with soil in the next few days, stick in the seeds and then bring them into the house around the first of March.  I figure there is no harm in having them ready, and I'm figuring March is a wiser time to plant than February.

Sometimes those plants get just plain worn out if they're planted too soon and have to stay in pots until late May. 

Another sign of spring:  the high school basketball season is winding down.  Willie had his last JV practice last night, and his final two games are tonight and tomorrow.

We'll be able to watch tonight's contest at 5:30; don't know about tomorrow's cuz it might be at the same time as the ZAGS game.

Should the ZAGS pull off a win again tomorrow (they won handily last night over Pepperdine), they could move up substantially in the polls from the No. 6 spot they now occupy.

Three teams ranked above them have lost this week.  And, if I'm correct, Gonzaga now has the best record of any NCAA team in the nation:  22-2. 

Every game from now on will be a supreme challenge as other teams give it their all to knock off the ZAGS.  So, I have a feeling we're in for some GREAT basketball games. 

Those of us who have followed this team for so many years are just plain giddy these days because their ascendancy to a spot where national sportscasters no longer call them GONZOGA and often mention "Final Four" possibilities--------it's been a long time coming.

We'll keep our fingers crossed and cheer them every step of the way. 

Love those ZAGS!  Even did when they were ZOGS!

Enough----happy Friday to all. 


Anonymous said...


All these years I have been wondering, since you first mentioned them; what's a Cheezeburger Bird. Also, my English Teacher Classmate, I always arm myself with a dictionary whenever I communicate "which" you. HA-HA!



Anonymous said...


Marianne Love said...


A "CHEEEZEburger" bird is a chickadee. If you listen to their sound in the early spring, you'll hear a high-pitched "CHEEEZ burger, CHEEEZ burger." People tell me it's a mating song. Hmmm!

Why the DICKshunary?????Anywhoo???

Anonymous said...

Haha, Maryanne, I love the cheeseburger birds and was so excited when I heard one the other morning as I was drinking a cup of coffee. Did not know they were chickadees. Thank you for the info.