Thursday, February 28, 2013

LOVEly Road Trip Day 8

Let's talk weather.  On our day of road tripping, hiking and biking, we experienced a few extremes:  extreme beauty virtually everywhere we went, extreme and serious sunshine, conspicuous COLD, snow white snow and a little wind.

Let's talk temperatures as we move farther north in Utah.  We're staying in Richfield, home to the Utah A-1 boys and girls basketball tournament.  

We did some double takes last night while listening to the weather forecast-----single digits and even a zero on the weather graphic.  I think that was predicted in Logan.

That's when I said to Bill that I must not have been imagining that I could feel cold to the bone when we arrived here.

All cold and snow aside, we enjoyed another wonderful day yesterday.  A morning hike in the hills above St. George inspired me to say to Bill:  let's seal the deal and start putting away money for next year's trip.

As far as I'm concerned, we've only just begun on these adventures.  The best part is that we haven't had one spousely spat.  We came close north of Salt Lake when Bill asked me if I wanted to drive.

So, I got into the driver's seat, started on down the road and within less that 60 seconds he announced that I was speeding because his talking GPS told him so.

To which I said, "If you're going to tell me how to drive, you can drive," then reminding him that I had only just set foot in the pickup which I rarely drive.

Bill shut up and didn't say a word about speeding as I got used to the gas pedal which does push that Jimmy down the road at a pretty good clip.

I also let him know that my driving experience through the 50-60 miles of urban traffic and a lot of big trucks in the Salt Lake area was not among my preferred experiences. 

Even that semi-spat (no pun intended) elicited just good-natured banter.

So, I think we can take those road trips just fine these days.  I also think Marianne has mellowed considerably from past years.

As the photos show, we saw more drop-dead gorgeous sights yesterday, too many to chronicle here on the blog.

We also enjoyed our first experience with the bikes on Loosee Canyon Road not too far from Red Canyon which is not too far from Bryce National Park. 

The wind was a-blowin' and it sure was cold as we started pedaling down that red-dirt road, but a fairly substantial hill warmed us up.  We rode as far as a cattle guard and then turned around.  

Only about four miles, but a good workout with the high altitude and cold air. 

I hope Janice Schoonover is reading today to see that I kept my hands warm with the Western Pleasure Ranch gloves she donated to the horse show last year.  Good gloves, Janice.

Of course, today we have a major highlight on our minds, and that will happen at the Marriott Center in Provo.  As you can see, I'm ready this morning, with plans to wear my "uniform" all day long and with great pride.

It's a "Go ZAGS" day and part of the winding down of a truly wonderful trip.

Happy Thursday.  To my Utah friends who are reading, may it be a good and memorable contest tonight between BYU-GONZAGA.  

But, Cindy, this time it's our turn.  I remember when your Jimmer and his Cougs did us in a couple of years ago.  How 'bout extending a generous gesture for your OLD teacher by sending a few nice vibes our way.



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