Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ball Game . . . .

A dream fulfilled for Bill. And, I didn't mind the day either.  We spent most of  yesterday watching the workings of Spring Training for the Seattle Mariners in Peoria, AZ.  A few autographs, an upclose and almost personal look at gold-plated pitching ace Felix (through a fence, of course), good visiting with lots of other folks from the Pacific Northwest, a sighting of a familiar face, meeting the parents of the local Presbyterian minister, and a great baseball game with the perfect ending:  Seattle won by one point in the 9th inning.  I think we'd go again if we ever had the opportunity.  At least, for now, Bill can mark the experience off from his bucket list.

Here come the Mariners!

Boys of Summer in the spring.

Big Baseball Players

A Felix wind-up
This is what a $175 million-dollar Mariner looks like at Spring Training.  Felix Hernandez, award-winning pitching ace who recently signed on for seven more years with the Seattle Mariners. 

Team Felix discussing pitching strategy.

J.J. plays a little ball too.  It's nice to run into Border Collies at baseball practice.

Love's in one of the fun places of Peoria.

The scene outside Peoria stadium.

One of several hundred "red jacket" volunteers.  Anyone from Sandpoint recognize this gentleman?  It's been years since I've seen him, and I must say he has aged well, even if he did think I was "Susie."

Winning hit.

Winning scorer.  Seattle 9, Los Angeles Angels 8.  Great game.

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