Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Tuesday Twitterdeedum

Thought I'd borrow one of my brother's photos and add a dash of color to this morning's blog.  He and his wife are spending the week in Valparaiso, Chile.

And, there's street art.  Lots of it. 

Plus, they're enjoying summer weather for a week.  Definitely a nice way to get away, from the looks of their touring. 

Here at the Lovestead, I saw several signs of green yesterday:  grass, that is.

The hay field has a couple of nice patches, and yesterday I spent some time stomping out the edges of the snow to make them even a little bigger. 

A late afternoon ice chopping venture opened up some more bare ground around the entrance to the house.  

Every little bit counts, especially this time of year. 

We're supposed to have weather in the low 40s today and tomorrow, plus a little rain.  

I'm hoping the rain and the warmth will wash away the dozens and dozens of doggie piles along our common walking areas.   

That will be nice.

On my trip to town yesterday, I stopped by the local museum where the curator and her volunteers are doing a major housekeeping project.

Lots of rearrangements and even a new place for the receptionist----just as visitors come in the door.

The new director Olivia seems like a Sandpoint soul, even though she has recently moved here from San Diego.

For me, it was instant like, as I introduced myself. 

Olivia appears very enthusiastic and down-to-earth.  I'm looking forward to spending some time down there in the next few days, perusing local papers from the era when Schweitzer opened 50 years ago. 

The information will be fun for my story assignment about the resort.  

Fifty-year stuff continues to show up in our local paper, thanks to the new museum history-brief volunteer, Carol Kamp.  

Nice to see that the museum didn't skip a beat on that project, and hats off to Maggie Sherwood for all her years of compiling those fun notes. 

I saw our dad's name in one of the briefs the other day, noting that Harold Tibbs had been elected as a member of the Board of Directors for the Bonner County Cattlemen's Assoc.  

During my visit yesterday, Olivia brought me a couple of scrapbooks, with a note on the top to "ask Marianne Love about these."  

I opened them up, and, sure enough, inside were lots of photos of Ardis Racicot with her various parade horses.  Ardis' husband Fats and her niece Katherine also showed up in a lot of photos.

As I turned the pages, I spotted a photo of my sister Laurie at one of Ardis' birthday parties---maybe as a teen.  Another featured my mother and my sister Barbara.

The Racicots lived just down the road from us and shared a common horse interest, even to the extent that Harold gave Ardis one of his horses,  and years later, Ardis gave Laurie one of hers.  Ironically both horses distinguished themselves in national show rings. 

Sure enough, I knew about those scrapbooks and later gave her some names of some local relatives of the Racicots who might appreciate them. 

As usual, I love my visits to the museum.

Anyway, lots on the agenda today, so I'll move on and wish everyone a happy Tuesday.  


Anonymous said...

OH NO. Schweitzer couldn't have opened 50 years ago. That would make us VERY old.

Where is the 50 year history in the local paper? I tried going into "history" and couldn't find it. I would love to look at that. Not that I would remember anything from 50 years ago - couldn't be THAT old.


Marianne Love said...

It's a little column on the editorial page. I'm betting they might not put it online.

And, yup, Janet, we're crossing over into "old."