Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday This and That

Evan deserves a medal.  He withstood the wrath of a strange, angry woman who ordered him to get his car off her lawn.   That feisty woman had no idea who Evan was at the time, but it didn't matter.  Any intruder who drives on the Love lawn, after the incident a month or so ago where a big truck rearranged a bunch of sensitive turf, would hear a similar command.
Evan took it all in his stride, though, and he now parks perfectly, away from spring lawn grass, when he drives in for his day of helping Amos build our deck.  Evan is a celebrity of sorts; he's a professional soccer player, living in Sandpoint and working with hundreds of soccer players from teens to mighty mights.  I heard him telling Amos yesterday that ninety 3-5 year-olds showed up for one of his teaching sessions.  He was pretty thrilled.  Anyway, I've enjoyed getting to know Evan, and he has not let absolute first impressions of this old school marm get him down. 

Amos has ordered up pizza, beer and banjo playing for tonight when he sez we can dance on our deck.  He'll also get a taste of Bill's harmonica playing to make up for the sorry banjo concert.  Amos is a perfectionist in the construction department, and we've thoroughly enjoyed this week or so with him, his brother Trevor and assistant Evan.  So, if anyone has any construction jobs coming up, feel free to ask me about Amos or any of the Walkingtons.  His dad and his brother build beautiful fences AND dog proof doggie runs.  

By this evening we'll be dancing with the stars--well, maybe the dogs and reveling over the almost completed new deck.  It will get its final touches Monday with steps leading from the south end where Bill does his grilling.  I have a feeling we're going to get a lot of enjoyment from this new, improved addition to our home.  Thanks, Amos!

Morning walks get prettier every day, and Taylor's field across from us is always breath-taking.  The green, green fields and trees, though, enhance it all the more. 

And, do I love stumps.  Yes.  I don't know why, but I find a certain amount of beauty and some creative thoughts about the lives their top portions led and saw over the years.  This stump looked kinda neat surrounded by its blades of grass, shimmering in the morning sun. 

On my bucket list every time I walk down North Kootenai Road:  climb aboard one of those big cottonwoods, and enjoy the perspective---not only how big the tree was but also the higher view of the land surrounding it.  Now, I have big feet, but this stump makes me look like Miss Mini Foot, for once in my life.  I got to thinking this morning that if we multiply this stump times about 15 of varying size, we'll have a lot less cottonwood fuzz blowing around and covering the lawn this year.   That's a plus!

Murray's farm and Schweitzer from atop the big stump.  Gorgeous day ahead, by the way. 

Two dry days equals that much dust rising from one car on its early-morning cruise down South Center Valley Road.  Still, it's a pretty scene of the Lovestead from Selle Road and across Taylor's field. 

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