Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Tuesday TwitterdeeHappyBirthday2u

Happy Birthday, Bill and to his twin sister Margaret.

Welcome to another edition of the family birthday-a-thon.  Sometimes, it gets downright confusing.  

What I do know, though, is that today is Bill and Margaret's birthday.  Yesterday was Willie's birthday.  He celebrated with Debbie in Boise and Idaho City.

My mind for weird detail came up with an interesting numbers factoid this morning AFTER I quietly reveled in the fact that Bill is now just two years younger than I. That will last for a couple of months, and then I'll be the "ol lady" again. 

On this particular year, Willie has turned 36, while Bill is 63.  Only time in their lives they can transpose the numbers, so I'm thinking one of them ought to go get a lottery ticket and use those two numbers. 

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Bill and Margaret and the eight others I saw on Facebook.   

It was especially nice that Chris Bessler, owner of Keokee,  received a wonderful kudos commentary for his assistance to dogs in trouble this morning. 

A couple of weeks ago, a front-page story told of how Chris and his wife Sandy had rescued a dog stuck inside a crevice near their home after hearing its cries. 

Today is Chris' birthday too, so Valle Novak's story about Chris carefully removing hundreds of porcupine needles from her dog was perfect timing to recognize a "bone-i-fido"  dog's best friend. 

The birthdays of folks I know will continue for the next several days as they have for the past week, so I'll make an effort to acknowledge them as they come. 

It's another beautiful day in the neighborhood, and I'll be finishing up the scrape-and-paint job a section of barnyard fence this morning.  Tedious work, but the fence looks great, and maybe the paint will stay smooth for a year or two.

I love this weather that allows us to do some stuff in April that we would never usually attempt until July.  

I'm thinking of calling the tax preparer this morning and saying, "Now that it's NOT April Fools' Day, will you please tell me that we really don't owe $2,500 this year."  

I'm sure it must have been a joke, right?

It was definitely an "ouch" joke, if it was.  Maybe I need to take those two age-related numbers from above and purchase my own lottery ticket.

We also received the quote for reconstruction of our deck yesterday.  Fortunately, our insurance company said we could submit a claim because of snow damage.  

I have a feeling insurance companies around North Idaho deal with more than their share of "snow damage" claims.  

Anyway, if all falls into place, we should have a new deck in the next couple of weeks---with plenty of underneath support. 

Well, there is joy in Mudville this morning for both birthday boys.  The KING, Felix, pitched the Mariners to a shut-out 2-0 victory over Oakland in last night's season opener. 

All the sweeter for Birthday Boy Bill now that he has watched the great $175 million man up close and personal as he practiced his pitching moves. 

Because of that experience during Spring Training in February, we also are privy to what Felix says when pitches don't go where he points them. 

I'll leave that up to readers' imagination and will add that he said, "Sorry" after said comment. 

Time to get off and running for another busy day.  Happy Tuesday to all.  

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jimholte@hotmail.com said...

Not to be the student correcting the teacher... but hasn't the birthday transposing thing has been going on every 11 years since Willie was 03?
pretty cool, just the same =)