Friday, May 17, 2013

Smokin' Joe and the Pharoah Pup

They've hit the streets, and if you're in the area, be sure to pick up the newest edition of Sandpoint Magazine.  You'll learn about the purple life of Joe Nieman. 

Anyone who's ever shopped at CO-OP may recognize the young man in the top photo.  At the country store, you probably know him as the meticulous, business-like front-counter clerk.

Well, "Smokin' Joe" has a life after CO-OP, which he shares these days with his lovely new bride Gina.  

After-hours life turns to purple gold for Joe, come July when the huckleberries start bloomin'.  Smokin' Joe, World's Fastest Huckleberry Picker, has the gloves to prove that he knows a good berry patch when he sees one. 

Okay, that's your teaser.  

Now, you have to go pick up the beautiful new publication to read the rest of the story about Joe, along with a lot of other fascinating vignettes and superb photography, displaying more reasons why we live in a remarkable, fun area. 

Magazines are available at the major drop-off spots downtown and in outlying communities.   So, check one out.  Guaranteed good reading and pleasant imagery. 

On to other news on this beautiful Friday and a little more self promotion.  A little birdie told me that my three books would be available for sale at a "giant garage sale" near Wal-Mart and Home Depot.  

Follow the signs to Dustarr Lane just east of Home Depot.  I've heard there are a LOT of items at this fine sale, including a few signed copies of Pocket Girdles, Postcards from Potato Land and Lessons with Love

By the way, the card table, the table cloth and the dozen hangers that just left the house are NOT for sale.   

I'm assuming the earlybirds got the word not to show up before starting time, so the place should be open for business by the time I finish my blog.  This premium of all premium garage sales will be going for two days. 

So, take your money and run to Ponderay.

We had an Egyptian named Pharoah come to visit last night.   He and his buddy Onyx, a Boxer-Lab cross, came with their owner Justin, who was pedaling to his former home on the corner of Center Valley and South Center Valley Road. 

Well, when Foster, the Aussie, met Pharoah, the Egyptian hound, it was doggie buddies forever.  In little or no time, Foster and Pharoah were chasing each other in circles, crouching to the ground and having a rollicking good time.

In the meantime, Kiwi, resident Border Collie queen, and herder extraordinnaire, kept a close eye on Pharoah to see that he treated her little buddy with respect. 

Justin was a student in that last English class of mine, which I've often mentioned in blog postings.  Our Army hero Brandon Adam was in that class too.

At the time, Justin spoke little in comparison to the rest of the class, which made me smile and chuckle every single day.  

Years have passed and Justin knows a dog lover when he sees one.  So, for about an hour, while Foster and Pharoah played and Kiwi herded (Kea was too busy running the perimeter of the barnyard to participate), Justin and I shared happy and sad dog stories. 

It was a great visit with a former student, and I must say that I'm impressed with my very first sighting of an Egyptian hound.  Pharoah is, indeed, a regal and very polite dog.  

Well, he did leave his mark in several places on the Lovestead during the visit, but I'm guessing that will keep Todd's nose pretty busy this morning. 

One other neat note:  my son Willie (Cedar Post adviser at Sandpoint High) and his aunt/my sister Barbara (Monticola adviser at Sandpoint High) attended a Panhandle Alliance for Education gathering last night and learned that they have won a $1,500 grant for their students trip to the JEA National Convention next year in San Diego.

Pretty cool for them, and, as always, very nice of the folks at PAFE to keep working so hard to support the local educators with their creative endeavors.  Thanks PAFE!

On that note, enough said.  Happy Friday.  Go to the garage sale and pick up a Sandpoint Magazine, while you're at it.  GO SMOKIN' JOE. 

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