Thursday, May 02, 2013

Thursday This and That

Still no frost on the pumpkins.  That's cuz there are no pumpkins planted on my manure pile---just yet, anyway.   

One of my plum trees has blossoms, though. I hope the blossoms survive into their fruit stage  cuz we had another windshield-graffiti night.  Howz that for a new image!  

Yes, we can write anything we want on our windshields on these cold, cold May mornings---even dirty words, if we wish, and nobody has to come and paint over them.

Cuz they'll melt. 

Before you get any bad thoughts, I DID not write on my windshields this morning.  I did lament, however, the fact that those thousands of blossoms on that plum tree could be for naught.

My neighbor Sherry told me that some plum trees are pretty hardy, so I'll take her word for it.

She and I were able to have one of our early-morning chats today because no cars or buses were behind her on the road.  So, we did some catching up on neighborhood news. Then, a bus turned onto South Center Valley Road, and we went our separate ways.

In other news, Bill and I have been admiring his birthday gift on the kitchen island. The gift finally came yesterday-----a Gonzaga men's basketball historical photo. 

It's pretty neat cuz it was taken on Senior Day, March 2, 2013, when the ZAGS had reached their first-ever NCAA No. 1 ranking.

We received a regular folks' photo, beautifully framed, matted, numbered and captioned with all the necessary information, including the logo for Gonzaga's 125th year of existence.  

Other fans received photos with a certain amount of autographs, depending on how much money they wanted to donate to the Gonzaga men's basketball program.

We're figuring on hanging our No. 92 of 1,000 on the wood beam over the entrance to the living room and renaming our couch potato space to Lovestead Kennel. 

Everyone who enters can look up at the panorama shot of the packed house in McArthey Gymnasium and get a subtle reminder that the Love's love Gonzaga. 

The ZAGS put out a beautiful keepsake, indeed.

Once the day warms up a bit, I'll be back out in the garden.  Lettuce, chard, spinach and radishes went in yesterday.  Today I'll probably plant some more flower seed and then wait a few more days to add to the rows.

Two planters in the north lawn are getting their weed clean-up, and the rest of the fence along the west side of the barnyard should be completely painted by day's end. 

I'll probably mow some more lawn and add to the watering schedule.

I love days when I can actually finish projects instead of getting halfway there and then running for cover. 

I may have missed my chance for windshield graffiti because the nights are supposed to start getting warmer.  With luck---ha ha---no more freezes until fall. 

Lots to do, and I'm loving it.   Happy Thursday. 

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